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+39 3457160374
Office Italy
Our American staff will constantly take care of you
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It is our promise to you that you will feel comfortable, not vulnerable,
in a foreign country so far away from home!

Our experienced, English-speaking team will advise and will follow you step by step! Our staff is bilingual English-Italian and well-versed in medical terminology. They have special knowledge in medical terms and treatments. They work at the office prior to your arrival to Italy to arrange the documents needed by our Italian doctors, in order to evaluate your specific case. They will be your direct contact, and no language barriers will arise, starting the moment you arrive!
CRPS Treatment Italy will assist you to get a second opinion as well as let you know if you are eligible for treatment.

If you do not have available, recent blood tests, it is fine! We can arrange for you to have them done here in Italy before the treatment, you would just have to consider a longer stay. This service causes no price or services change.

Moreover, CRPS Treatment Italy offers a team of competent counselors that will always be behind you and make sure you will want for nothing during your stay in Italy. An interpreter will stay with you during the treatment make sure that you will have no problems communicating with doctors. A driver will pick you up at your arrival, take you to the hospital, and, if you feel like it, even for tours!
Once you have decided to come, you will not have to worry about anything except for booking the flight to Italy. Our staff takes care of everything else for you and your accompanying caregiver, from your landing in Italy, to your take off to return home.

When patient arrives at the airport, a personal bilingual driver will be awaiting for them.
They will have a large sign with patient’s name on it and standing outside the “Baggage Claim” area.
Driver will greet patient and caregiver; upload the luggage into the car, and finally, drive patient and caregiver safely to their hotel.

The hotel is less than 1 hour drive from Venice Airport.
The Hotel, close to our office, is in a strategic position, half-way between Venice Airport and our clinics; this makes transportation easy and more comfortable.
During your stay in Italy, you could take the occasion to visit some tourist sites, as they are located in the nearby area. Your personal interpreter and driver will be happy to accompany you to various places!

About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain condition that usually affects a limb, following a trauma connected to the bones: it can begin after accidents or even surgery. Is believed to be caused by the consequential nerve damage that results in the malfunctioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Now, CRPS has some recognizable symptoms: prolonged or excessive pain and skin colour, swelling and temperature changes on the affected area. Pain is often described as “burning” or “pins and needles” or even “as if there is something squeezing” the affected limb and, in some cases it may also spread or travel from one limb to another. The abnormal microcirculation caused by damage to the nerves in control of blood flow and temperature usually results in change of color or in the feeling of a warmer or cooler limb, compared to the rest of the body. These changes happen hourly. CRPS can, eventually, result in problems coordinating muscle movement or, in more severe cases, in dystonia, which is an abnormal fixed posture. These symptoms may vary in severity and duration, CRPS might even go away on its own, but usually cases are more severe and can result in long-term disability. This condition is very rare under the age of 10 and it usually occurs at the age of 40, especially in women.


CRPS is divided into two types, called CRPS-I and CRPS-II. Usually classified CRPS-I patients are individuals who don’t have a confirmed nerve injury. When there is a confirmed nerve damage we have a CRPS-II patient (the condition was previously known as causalgia). However, researches have shown nerve damage in many CRPS-I cases and so it is unclear if these disorders will always be divided into two different types. Anyway the treatment for both cases are very similar.

So, we know CRPS is caused by some type of bone trauma that will eventually result in nerve trauma (they could be bone fractures, strains or sprains or even soft tissue injury, limb immobilization (for example wearing a cast), minor or major surgery. It affects an individual sort of like an allergy: it is not clear why what causes CRPS on somebody will not cause it to someone else, and this includes the pain intensity aswell.

Damaged peripheral nerves will lose myelin (which is a mixture of protein and fat-like substances that covers and insulate nerve fibers, in this case, the sensory nerve fibers) which is thought to be an active agent of the inflammation and other abnormalities like the swelling. Also, these fibers are contact with the blood vessels which will therefore dilate or leak fluid into surrounding tissues increasing the swelling and causing the coloration (which can be red or blue) changing the skin texture into shiny and thin in the affected area. High levels ofcytokines are often found in the affected area suggesting that CRPS also affects the immune system, causing inflammation and, it is statistically proven, it hits easier if the subject has other inflammatory or autoimmune issues like, for example, asthma.

There is no specific test to confirm CRPS in a patient: the diagnosis is based on a person’s medical history and on the signs and symptoms that match the disease. The distinguishing feature of the CRPS affected area is really only of an injury on it. Patients should be carefully tested to rule out other treatable conditions like arthritis, Lyme disease etc. Magnetic resonance and triple-phase bone scans should be requested because CRPS is often associated with an excessive bone resorption, which manifests itself with a release of calcium in the blood, caused by the break down of certain bone cells.
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