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Office Italy

+39 3457160374
Office Italy
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The same clinics and doctors that studied Neridronate infusions have started a collaboration with CRPS Treatment Italy.

This is the same place where Dr. Adami and Dr. Varenna discovered the power of Neridronate on CRPS patients. They conducted the study, along with their team of doctors that still work there! Now Neridronate infusions are a standard procedure in Italy, they start right after the CRPS diagnosis and, although it is not a cure, if caught on time, it has a great chance of a complete and permanent remission.
They are all well prepared and kind, they have had experience of Neridronate treatment from scratch and, since you would be going as a private, you are completely free to choose when to start!

Dr. Domenico Biasi, MD
Dr. Domenico Biasi, MD
Rheumatologist at AOUI Hospital and Lecturer at University of Verona (pubblications)
Dr. Daniela Righetti, MD
Dr. Daniela Righetti, MD
Chief of Rheumatology at “Pederzoli” Clinic,  Peschiera del Garda (VR)
Dr. Gianfranco Pisano, MD
Rheumatologist, Physiotherapist and Orthopedic at “Nuova Medicina” Clinic, Cesenatico (FC)
Dr. Fabrizio Martella, MD
Chief of “Polispecialistico Verona” Clinic, Verona
Dr. Giorgio Ghilardi, MD GS CTVS
Surgeon at the University Hospital of Milan
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Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata Verona


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Centro Medico Riabilitativo San Marco
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