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2016 "Breakthrough Therapy" Designation by FDA...

The most effective Treatment
We give you the certainty to trust us!

We have a very trustworthy American staff that will be by your side throughout your stay and your treatment. The sooner you get Neridronate Treatment, the greater the chance of experiencing relief from pain. Listen to our interviews with patients that have come to Italy.  Check out their feelings and their moods, this is what they think of the extraordinary journey we have provided for them and their families. Our staff will be caring for you at all times, as competent interpreters with the physicians, all the way to helping you set up a tour to see this beautiful country.
Juliette Drolon's
Meet Juliette Drolon from California, she has had CRPS on her left foot for 8 months before she found us, here is what she...
Anna Williams's
Meet Anna Williams from Ohio, she has had CRPS her left leg for over 2 years before she found us, here is what she has to say!
Laurel Favilla’s - 3 m'th after
"A lot of people asked us to share a video testimonial of those who had the treatment with us months ago. Here we have...
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Patient Journal
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You will NOT feel vulnerable in a foreign, unknown country so far away from home!

Our experienced, English-speaking team will advise and will follow you step by step! Our staff is all bilingual English-Italian and well prepared on medical terminology. They have special knowledge in medical terms and treatments. They work at the office prior to your arrival to Italy to arrange the documents needed by Italian Doctors, in order to evaluate your specific case. They will be your direct contact and no language barriers will be there since the very beginning! CRPS Treatment Italy will assist you to get a second opinion and let you know if you are eligible for treatment.
If you do not have available and recent blood tests, it is fine! We can arrange for you to have them done here in Italy before the treatment, you would just have to consider a longer stay. This service causes no price or services changes...


With CRPS Treatment, you can count on an experienced staff that pledges to always research and suggest the best treatment options for each particular patient. We have found that Neridronate, together with heliotherapy called CRPS Light Treatment, is what gives the best results in people affected with CRPS.

Neridronate infusions
The main treatment consists of four infusions of Neridronic Acid solution, each infusion being two hours long. It is the standard treatment  protocol in Italy for CRPS. This therapy can ensure improvements with long term effects, greatly reducing the pain and other symptoms of CRPS by targeting the disease as it affects the bones, and thus, the nervous system.  It was tested and patented by the University of Verona Hospital Company (AOUI), in Italy. We work with those very same doctors who, for almost 20 years, have studied this bisphosphonate and its effects on CRPS.
Doctors state that Neridronate is the right path towards an actual cure. If caught on time, in 80% of cases, CRPS actually disappears and none of the patients notices a return of the symptoms after the treatment. Ninety-seven percent of patients showed much improvement after Neridronate infusions. Italy... Click Here to find if this treatment is right for you
The World Health Organization ranks Italy at #2, with the US at #37. The Lancet, the internationally renowned health journal, rates Italian Healthcare as 12th worldwide, placing it among the top five European countries (along with Sweden, Norway, Spain, Luxembourg) while other, traditionally excellent health ... Click Here to find out what makes Italian healthcare and Italy so renowned
BIO-CRPS-LIGHT We have done much research on the latest technologies and we have verified that the constant application of light therapy bring a pain reductiype of theron. This the of therapy is called heliotherapy, and is a non-invasive procedure that increases the body’s cellular... Find out more about heliotherapy and its effects on CRPS by clicking here
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