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+39 345 716 0374
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About us
CRPS Treatment – company owned by Venitaly (Holding company)

Our Story
Our  story begins as one of hope, help, and care being our mission,  collaborating with world renowned doctors from the Northeastern region  of Italy to provide Neridronate treatment that is elsewhere unavailable.
In 2005, Dott. Claudio Paccanaro, the founder of MTI and its subsidiary, CRPS Treatment,  attended a medical event at the behest of California’s Gov.  Schwarzenegger, with the agenda to send terminally ill cancer patients  to the Veneto region of Italy. With 40 years of experience working with  the healthcare industry, Dott. Paccanaro attended with great confidence  in hopes of bringing top-notch care with breakthrough medicine of Italy  to these overseas patients through medical tourism. Once in Italy, the  patients would be treated by the best doctors available, and live out  their days in the most dignified and pain-free way. Dott. Paccanaro  loved the idea of helping patients receive treatment by our fine  doctors, realizing that Italy does not just have the best treatments and  doctors available, but that it also offers groundbreaking treatments  not yet available elsewhere in the world. In 2014, he founded Medical  Tourism Italy (MTI) to offer such renowned treatments here in the Veneto  region of Italy for breakthrough medicine in care for orthopedic,  cancer, and cardiological ailments. Soon, MTI was met with great  success, and by word of mouth, we gained traction amongst treating rare  health conditions.
In  2015, the company expanded to include CRPS Treatment. After receiving  requests for CRPS treatments available, we found that we were the only  country in the world offering Neridronate, as it was developed here in  the Veneto region of Italy. Neridronate was created specifically for the  treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome by our University of  Verona’s very own Dr. Adami, who studied the syndrome as his lifelong  passion for over 20 years. In 2012, the international medical journal,  Rheumatology, published Dr. Adami’s Neridronate study, and was approved  by the Italian Administration of Health (AIFA). It has since been  standard protocol in Italy when one is diagnosed with CRPS, seeing a 97%  remission success rate amongst a population size of 10,000 individuals.  

We  met with Dr. Adami in 2015, and soon realized that he was eager to work  hand-in-hand with us to bring this incredible treatment to everyone. We  were able to find the finest hospitals equipped and open to welcome  foreign patients, as well as locate the best hotels and accommodations  for our patients’ stay in Italy, and provide the best translators to  accompany our patients during their stay in Italy. Our service is  refined to take the anxiety associated with the disorder away by being  there not just as your case manager, but as your care givers while you  are here. We also have the privilege of open availability, getting you  into treatment as soon as one to two weeks after our doctors review your  paperwork.
We  pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive experience. We pride  ourselves even more in providing an actual treatment for CRPS, as  Neridronate re-calcifies from within the body, making it a permanent  treatment, rather than merely bandaging the symptoms of CRPS  temporarily. While the rest of the world tries to lessen the symptoms,  we take a direct approach to fix the problem. Neridronate is the only  permanent treatment available for CRPS in the world, and we make it our  mission to provide you with nothing but the best in treatment and care.
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