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Read ours reviews from patients that have come in Italy to be healed.
Check out their feelings, their moods and what they think of this trip.
I want to thank you again for all of the help you provided me and my family while we were in Italy.  We could not have asked for a better experience.   Your knowledge of CRPS and of Italy made the whole process easier on us.  You also did a great job at including our son in the activities.  You made the whole CRPS process easier for us and we can't thank you enough.  We really enjoyed meeting you and your MTI peers.  I felt a genuine concern for my well-being.  You prepared a custom schedule of medical procedures and sightseeing in a way that optimized our time in Italy. You also provided us flexibility to make changes if need be.  Without the one-on-one attention that you provided us I doubt we would have been able to see nearly as much of Northern Italy. Thank you for all that you did to make the trip as pleasant as possible.

MARK ODELL - (California)
Great fighter, one that will not give up easily and kept going for four long years thanks to his positive energy and great sense of humor. This man had his own business but had to give up everything to take care of his condition because, even though he was always joking and in a great mood, his pain was unbearable. He ended up selling his house in order to continue on trying treatments for this terrible condition. He came to Italy, however, confident that he might have finally found a good option, with permanent results even if it only is some relief. He left happy of the staff and the treatment, optimistic and loving the country.

Danielle Harpchack - Fort Lauderdale (Florida)
This disease has destroyed my life. Before I was a dancer, now I can't walk. I want my life back, I want to run, jump and dance. This therapy is my last hope. It has been a long and painful journey, but this trip can give me a life again.

Amber Reine Jankins - Irvine (California)
I am a dog trainer. Animals are my passion, but since I have this disease my life is no longer the same. Those who don't have CRPS can't understand how painful and exhausting every move is. I pinned all my hopes on this trip and I hope to update you soon with my improvements.

Dylan Ames - San Francisco
I was a personal trainer, now every move hurts me. I'm glad I came in Italy. I was treated very well and the doctor told me that there are high chances that I will be able to have a complete remission. For now, I can only say that it seems to be worth it.
Ronald Rossi - New York
I am very happy I came to Italy to give me a chance of a better life. The neridronate infusions went well: the medical staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the interpreter native speaker who has always been by my side allowed me to communicate with them without any difficulty.
Medical Tourism Italy has thought of everything to make this trip as pleasant as possible despite the fact that the reason for my trip to Italy was so bad.
The hotel where I stayed is very comfortable and friendly staff. The breakfast surprised me for its variety of choices and for his goodness, I was also able to enjoy classic American breakfast accompanied by excellent coffee cups.
Definitely I am returning to Italy with my wife, but next time I hope it will be for a pleasure trip.

Domonique DeLeo - New York
I started to suffer from RSD-CRPS after an accident. The doctors in America told me that it is an incurable disease, and I thought I could do nothing but try therapies for pain.

Researching here and there, I discovered the existence of Medical Travel Italy and the chance to try these infusions with the hope of improving the quality of my life.

I do not know if the neridronate manages to make me feel better, but the Italian doctors have reassured me that after two months of treatment I'll see if not the total disappearance of pain at least a substantial reduction; because, suffering from this disease only recently, my chances of recovery are high. During this path, the staff from CRPS Treatment Italy and especially Cosimo, the international relations manager, or Claudio, the founder, have always been close me to helping me with everything.

I would definitely recommend it to all those who suffer from CRPS-RSD to come to Italy because, as you know, when you have this disease so painful and disabling the slightest chance must be seized as soon as possible because time is our enemy.
If you are waiting because you are not sure, weigh up whether it is worth wasting time. Every month granted to the disease are considerable fewer opportunities healing for our body.
Ciara Smith - Florida
Since I got sick, my life has completely changed. Before I was a girl full of energy and now, I can barely move.
When my parents and I found out about this treatment, we decided right away that I had to try it.
Now it's only been a couple of weeks after the first infusion and I already feel some small difference.
It is early to see the full effect of the treatment, but start walking when you are resigned to a wheelchair is the biggest win in the world.
Marilyn - Detroit
"I would like to thank Claudio for his great help, patience and availability. Big thanks to Cosimo that came up at the airport (I was accompanied by a friend), led us in the hotel and finally has always accompanied me to all infusions as a real tutor. His figure was indispensable in the dialogue with physicians and nurses, as well as to deal with all the necessary bureaucracy.
Cosimo is English mother tongue and explaining to him my specific needs was easy. He stayed with me and spent most of the time with me. I haven’t had any problems with the language or in my travels. Cosimo has really thought of everything.
Small detail, I lost my passport. Cosimo has completed all the necessary paperwork at the US consulate in Milan for the duplicate, without any additional expense. Together with the staff of CRPS Treatment Italy we got to enjoy the true delights of Italian cuisine.
My friend and I were treated really well and we are very satisfied with the treatment. We chose well by choosing CRPS Treatment Italy.
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