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Office Italy
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With CRPS Treatment, you can count on an experienced staff that pledges to always research and suggest the best treatment options for each particular patient. We have found that Neridronate, together with heliotherapy called CRPS Light Treatment, is what gives the best results in people affected with CRPS.

Neridronate infusions
The main treatment consists of four infusions of Neridronic Acid solution, each infusion being two hours long. It is the standard treatment  protocol in Italy for CRPS. This therapy can ensure improvements with long term effects, greatly reducing the pain and other symptoms of CRPS by targeting the disease as it affects the bones, and thus, the nervous system.  It was tested and patented by the University of Verona Hospital Company (AOUI), in Italy. We work with those very same doctors who, for almost 20 years, have studied this bisphosphonate and its effects on CRPS.

The first infusion is typically the longest as it includes a visit by the doctor. Then, a nurse will start the IV and adjust the pump settings for each patient.
Depending on what hospital we use, the treatment will be given over four or eight days.  In the case of the eight-day treatment, one infusion will be given every other day. The doctor will visit the patient one last time, once the treatment has concluded.
That is all! In case the patient is feeling the flu-like symptoms, the doctor will prescribe an aspirin or a very light medicine to keep them under control.  After that, the patient is good to go!

CRPS Treatment will follow his/her progress for six months after the infusions. Neridronate usually takes two to three months to kick in at full effect and, again, the benefits are perm.
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CRPS Treatment Italy takes care of everything: from patient arrival in Italy, to patient departure back home! The patient will only need to take care of booking their flight and keeping in touch with our office.
Hotel accomodation for patient and companion (if any) with meals included:
  • The hotel is very close both to our offices and to the main facilities (stores, downtown Vicenza, and main roads to hospital and US Army Base, Camp Ederle);
  • The hotel staff also speaks English well;
  • In case of emergency, the hotel reception is instructed to call the ambulance and provide interpreting between paramedics and patient;
  • If needed, phone calling service is available at the reception desk.
A native speaker interpreter with specific knowledge of medical terms and drugs is also provided.
An English-speaking Interpreter will be always available:
  • The Majority of Italians do not speak English, therefore a Bilingual Guide will be at patient service;
  • Our very competent staff will be with patient throughout the entire stay in Italy;
  • They will assist the patient during the whole process of treatment;
  • They will be available for any issue and need for information.
Trasportation (Airport to Hotel and vice versa, Hotel to Hospital and vice versa).
  • An English-speaking driver will be ready at the airport arrivals room with wheelchair/crutches (if needed) and a sign with patient's name on it;
  • The same driver will provide both pick-up service at airport and driving service at the moment of departure;
  • Patient will be assigned one driver and interpreter who will take care to drive patient and caregiver to hospital and back to hotel as well;
  • Assistance will be provided in reaching local stores to buy anything one might need and do some shopping.
24/7 assistance during your whole stay, if you have any need please call us.
  • Emergency assistance;
  • Support and assistance in case of loss of Passport;
  • Support and assistance in case of loss of  Luggage;
  • Support and assistance in case of missing the Plane;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Emergency Services
    Touristic tours:
    Visit Venice, or Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet; and have dinner in one the many castles in the surrounding Veneto region;
    Visit Lake Garda, and all the nearby towns including the town of Borghetto and Bassano del Grappa;
    Take advantage of numerous tours we offer, including a wine tour to taste the best wines, or tour the different producers of the world’s best olive oils, cheeses, and other local, internationally renowned products.
    Assistance during treatment at the Clinic:
    • An English-speaking interpreter will be present throughout the whole time of infusions for each of the sessions;
    • Doctor will prescribe medicine in case of side effects (see: "What is Neridronate?");
    • At the last infusion, you will have a final visit with the doctor and further instructions to follow for the treatment to be more effective;
    • Return treatment, if needed, will be judged on a case by case basis at the discretion of your doctor;
    • Assistance on getting medicines prescribed and purchased at the pharmacy;
    • Your doctor will visit the patient assisted by nurses and interpreter (the extra treatment analysis, if necessary, is not included in the package and are on the responsibility of the patient);
    • Second opinion (if needed) by other specialists about your CRPS situation.
    With us, you are in safe hands

    • - We attend the first meeting at the hospital with you
    • - During the last infusion, after the visit, you will receive suggestions for the treatment to be more effective
    • - We provide support and assistance in case of passport loss
    • - We offer support and assistance in case of lost luggage
    • - We offer support and assistance in case of flight delays or cancellation
    • - We can bring you to a store to buy what you need
    • - We can take you to the pharmacy to buy the drugs you need
    • - We’ll take you to your doctor to get the prescription for the drugs if they need it
    • - We provide 24/7 assistance, for any kind of need
    • - If needed, we give you a free second opinion by other specialists about your situation or other pathologies
    • - We can provide you further infusions if our doctor believes they would be helpful
    • - We follow you, giving you assistance and support when you go home for six months and more
    • - We provide a wheelchair, if needed, specially designed to traverse the cobblestone and brick roads that grace our fine cities and towns
    • - You will have a native speaker interpreter with you to talk with doctors and nurses
    • - You can visit Venice, or stay in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet for your tourist day
    • - You can visit Lake Garda, and all the nearby towns including the medieval town of Borghetto
    • - You can have a Food and Wines tour of our area, to taste the best wines, olive oils, cheese and other local products
    • - You will receive a small goodbye gift from our team

    All of these are included in our service!

    * Try the light treatment for free while you are here with us, then decide if you'd like to buy one on your own for home! Please email for a quote

    Arrival at the Airport
    When you arrive at the airport a member of the CRPS Treatment Team will be waiting for you with a sign with your name written on it.
    In this document you will find all the instructions to find us

    Timings and Distances
    The Hotel, close to our office, is in a strategic position, half-way between Venice Airport and Peschiera del Garda Hospital; This makes trasportation easier and more comfortable. During your stay in Italy, you could visit some tourist sites without having to do any long drives, as they are located in the nearby area.
    Venice Airport - Hotel - Hospital Trip Map

    Map of our area
    In the following maps you can find the best places to visit in our area. The best restaurants, tourist sites, shops, and more are all within 45 minutes of your hotel.

    Food & Wine Tour
    In addition to all our services, we give you the possibility to visit the local producers of wine, olive oil and other local goods we take so much pride in.
    Enogastronomic  Route
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