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CRPS Treatment ITALY

The 360° treatment plan for CRPS

The 360° treatment plan
for CRPS

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Neridronate Treatment and the 360° approach

Neridronate has been used for 8 years now as the main Treatment for CRPS. It consists of 4 IV infusions, one per day, that usually do not last more than 2 hours and a half each. Neridronate acts directly on the root cause of the CRPS, acting on the bone of the affected area and alleviating the pain gradually. As the bone regains its strengths, the symptoms will slowly fade away by themselves, thus leading to a complete remission or a significant decrease of the pain. The Neridronate takes 6 months to completely settle in, during which our Health Planner will stay in touch for news and improvements. This is the best treatment you could wish for.

To support the Neridronate Treatment, the 360° treatment plan was created by MTI and the Italian Educational Society of Precision Medicine. It involves a whole team of specialists focused on the patient for a multidisciplinary approach.

How does it work?

Video call

This is our first meeting, it is of course completely free of charge.
We will use it to get to know you and understand your case better.
It will be organized based on your availability and our time difference.

Evaluation process

Your Patient Care Coordinator will inform you of the medical records needed for the evaluation of your case.
Once the doctor confirms your eligibility , we can start organizing your treatment week.

Treatment week

Together, we will create a treatment plan completely adapted to you, and include all the services you wish to have access to while in Italy for your treatment week.

Once this is all settled, all you have to do is book a flight!

Follow up

For the 6 months following your treatment week with us in Italy, you will have a follow-up with your Patient Care Coordinator.
This way, we can monitor your progresses, and answer any questions you might have.

More than 100 testimonials

Before my treatment, I had to use a wheelchair to get around. Since then, I ran my first 10-mile race without stopping, got back into snowboarding, hiking and biking.
This program helped me get my life and sense of self back.


Nicole F.



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All the medical professionals we work with are CRPS experts, and we rely on the best clinics in Italy to guarantee you the highest standards. With over 8 years of experience in the field, we have built the worldwide reputation of being the Italian reference for Medical travel.

We have analyzed numerous CRPS cases and treated patients from all around the globe. All have achieved considerable improvements, some have even achieved complete remission.


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