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Neridronate Bisphosphonates Therapy

CRPS Treatment is an MTI Division; our goal is to help international Patients accessing the treatment for CRPS in Italy. Neridronate Treatment is the standard approved by AIFA for treating RSD. Get in touch, completely free of charge, with one of our Personal Health Planners today.

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We understand your concerns: traveling to a different Country to get the treatment, undergoing a procedure not available in your Country, the doubts about the success rate. This team is ready to answer all of your questions; contact us and you’ll be in touch with one of our Personal Health Planners for a free consultation.

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MTI’s aim is to provide the best HealthCare Treatment to international patients, with the best services to make the trip the safest and pleasurable, not a burden. Discover all the customized services available for you.


You are not alone in the fight, and you are not the first patient we help; We have worked for several years with people in your same condition.

*we will book your Treatment within one month or less within confirmation, and you’ll get treated within 1 working day from your arrival.

Neridronate, for everyone.


Awareness and Results

As proven by the AIFA approval, the Oxford Journal of Medicine and many other accredited organs, Neridronate is the election therapy for CRPS/RSD. There is no CRPS emergency in Italy, as it is treated and resolved immediately.


No more Waiting Lists

All patients already know that timing is a key factor, especially with CRPS/RSD. This is why we have managed to build fast-lane tracks for our assisted patients; you’ll get treated as soon as you arrive in Italy*.


More than you expect

Aside from the Neridronate Infusions, we follow a Patient Centered Approach which includes Phisiotherapy, Heliotherapy and so much more, including a 6 months Followup to ensure your full Recovery. 

Discover MTI

CRPS Treatment is a Branch of Medical Tourism Italy;

The Mission of MTI was born from a dream and inspiration which sparked while working with top-class Italian Doctors: giving real hope to patients, and access to groundbreaking treatments which are not available elsewhere.

There is a historical date back to 2015, when we managed to set up our Network; after all, we live in one of the Countries with the best Doctors and Treatments available*.

*According to Bloomberg

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How does it work?

Italy’s Healthcare is among the best in the world and it provides universal coverage to all citizens using a mix of Public and Private systems. The Country lies in the hearth of the Mediterranean Sea, it is politically stable and has a great reputation thanks to its accreditations.

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