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Neridronate Treatment

Neridronate has been used for 6 years now as the main Treatment for CRPS. It consists of 4 IV infusions, one per day, that usually do not last more than 2 hours and a half each. Neridronate acts directly on the root cause of the CRPS, acting on the bone of the affected area and alleviating the pain gradually. As the bone regains its strengths, the symptoms will slowly fade away by themselves, thus leading to a complete remission or a significant decrease of the pain. The Neridronate takes 6 months to completely settle in, during which our Health Planner will stay in touch for news and improvements. This is the best treatment you could wish for. 

Successful Cases

During the 6 years of our experience with over 3000 cases, 98% of the patients have achieved significant results in improving their situation. Many have also reaches 100% pain relief.

Why choose Neridronate


No side Effects

As opposed to the other treatments that patients have tried to subside the pain, Neridronate does not have any lasting side effects


Permanent Treatment

Unlike other treatments, Neridronate is a one-time Treatment that does not need to be repeated. The 4 infusions take a total of 6 months to fully function on the whole body, and in those 6 months the patient gets better gradually, from the pain subsiding with each passing week and the motion in the limb coming back day by day.


Neridronate's Certificate

On the 10/06/2016 AIFA officially released the Data Sheet for Neridronate (Nerixia), in which were not only explained all the details regarding the drug, but also specified the usage of it, the patients who could or could not use it, its effect and illnesses it could help with.

Crps Treatment

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1. Specilized CRPS Doctors

Our doctors are CRPS experts who work in the best clinics in Italy to guarantee you the best possible results

2. Over 4000 Analized Cases

We have analyzed over 4000 cases and treated most of them. All have achieved considerable improvements, for some the crps has disappeared altogether.

3. Over 8 years of experience with CRPS

With over 8 years of experience in the field, we are considered by everyone to be the best in Italy for the treatment of CRPS.

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