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A week in the life of a
CRPS-Treatment patient

What does a typical treatment week look like,
with CRPS-Treatment Italy?

Depending on the treatment path advised for your case, and the extra services you requested, your tailored experience will look a little something like this:



Your Patient Manager will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it!

Arrivals are usually at the Venice or Verona Airport. They will then drive you to your selected Hotel.

Check-in hotel

Your patient manager will do a quick check-in at the hotel with you, explaining the basics of your hotel room, as well as a briefing on your next days.

Complementary therapies set up

Your patient manager will install the complementary therapies your previously agreed on, and explain how to operate them.

The Biophysical Therapy will be done every night of the week, during the patient’s sleep.

The Light Therapy will be done twice to thrice a day, every day of the week, for 10-30min.


Rest day!

Sunday is your rest day: get rid of your jet lag and laze around the hotel. Get as much rest as possible for the next week!


1st visit with Rheumatologist

You will meet the rheumatologist who had previously evaluated your case, for a quick brief on the next days and the treatment.

Your patient manager will be here to interpret.

1st Neuromuscular Re-education session

Our therapist will start his reeducation program in this first session with you, always accompanied by your patient manager.

Dexa scan

The Dexa scan will help the nutritionist to see body composition and bone density before your appointment together later this week.

1st infusions

Time to start with your treatment! You will be followed by a caring and loving nurse throughout all your pharmaceutical treatment, and your patient manager will be by your side at all times.


2nd Neuromuscular Re-education session

Continuing our rehabilitation path with the physiotherapist, with your second session of the week.

2nd infusions

It’s round two! Your second infusions happen today, you can choose to rest, watch something on your phone, read, or have a chat with your favorite patient manager.


Time for a well-deserved lunch, and then it’s back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon.


Biologist Nutritionist visit

With the information from the previous exams done during the week, the Nutritionist Biologist will guide you through the changes to help your body with the inflammation connected to CRPS and, later on, provide a diet tailored on your case.

Health Coach

They will perform physiological tests and calculate energy values and body composition through survey systems. The goal is to identify muscle problems, weaknesses and to give a home/gym training education. Your patient manager is always present.

3rd infusions

Back to the pharmaceutical treatment! Third infusion, second to last, the treatment is almost coming to an end.


If you feel like it, and it was previously arranged with the team, some of the afternoons during your treatment week can be dedicated to sightseeing of selected towns in the area.


Rest day!

You usually will have one rest day / afternoon during the week, to get all your energy levels to the top!


2nd visit with Rheumatologist

Your rheumatologist will see you once again at the end of your treatment week to have feedbacks from your part, and give you a final signed report to take home.

4th infusions

Last infusion! We’re done with the pharmaceutical part of your treatment week, it’s time to sadly say goodbye to your new favorite nurse.

3rd Neuromuscular Re-education session

Your last session with the massotherapist. By now you are used to it, and you can already feel a difference in your body’s mobility, since the first session on Monday! Time to say goodbye to your physiotherapist!


Venice Experience

If previously agreed upon, you could add an extra-italian night to your treatment week. By sleeping in one of the most beautiful hotels on the Venetian Laguna, and enjoy a memorable tour of Venice with your patient manager, including a Gondola ride.



The hardest moment has come: it’s time to say goodbye to your patient manager, who would have by now become the closest thing you have to family, here in Italy. But not to worry: they will stay in touch with you for the next months in order to monitor all your post-treatment improvements.