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CRPS-Treatment division


CRPS-Treatment Italy is a division from Medical Tourism Italy. A team who has dedicated years to the study of Rheumatological illnesses, our main focus being CRPS.

We have been active for 8 years now, analyzing thousands of CRPS cases and welcoming patients from all around the world. We work closely with CRPS specialized doctors, in particular with Rheumatologists from Verona University, one of the most important Universities and research institutes in Italy.

We are constantly researching the illness itself and new ways to improve our treatment, which is how the 360° approach was born.


Both these figures are essential for your treatment week, whether it is before or during your stay in Italy. Which is why they are carefully selected to have all the qualities necessary: they are patient, loving, supportive, qualified and knowledgeable.


The Patient Care Coordinator

The Patient Care Coordinator is your first point of reference. They are the ones you will see during your introductive call, the ones who will listen and understand your medical history in order to help the doctor with the evaluation of your case. They also are in charge of organizing your whole stay, from the hotel to all the medical appointments.


The Patient Manager

The Patient Manager, on the other hand, will be the person shadowing you during your treatment week. They will have communicated with your Patient Care Coordinator and will know all the details of your stay. They will act as your moral support, your interpreter, your driver and much more, for the whole duration of your treatment. 



She is Italo-French and speaks perfect English, as she lived in the UK for many years. She is energetic and loving.

“I will always remember the first patient I took under my wing. She was a very young girl, and when I saw how this treatment completely changed her life, and the amazing woman she then became, I just knew I had found my calling.”


She is Italo-Serbian and speaks perfect English. She studies psychology, which makes her attentive to all patients’ needs and emotions.

“To be taken care of is to be changed. After many years working as a Patient Care Coordinator, I can proudly say that there is very little out there that can feel as rewarding as helping someone who is in pain. Being someone’s advocate and taking part in their recovery journey is not only priceless, but also the best part of my mission.“


She is Italo-Serbian and speaks perfect English, Croatian and Bosnian too. She is caring, and attentive to details.

“Patient advocacy is an integral part of our roles. We actively support and advocate for patients, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected. We listen attentively to their needs and preferences, treating each patient with empathy, compassion, and respect.”


She is Italian, and of course speaks English too. She is such a caring woman and will always go out of her way to make you feel at home.

“I sincerely care for people, and I do my best to make their stay in Italy during their treatment as comfortable as possible. Receiving updates about their improvements and their remission is very rewarding to me, I am happy to be part of it and to be able to make a difference in their lives.”


He is Italo-American, a mix of Texan and Napolitan that brought us this very funny, supportive and loving person.

“This job has allowed me to learn inspiring stories of people that fight incredible everyday battles, and meet others that dedicated their life to them. It is a privilege to be a part of this and I am grateful to make it as easy as possible for everyone.”


He is Italian, a cognitive psychologist and of course, speaks English too.

“This work is extremely interesting. It puts me in touch with people and allows me to understand the way each person copes with physical pain and the stress that comes with it. It is a unique way to understand each person’s psychological coping mechanisms”.

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