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After years of experience, MTI selected and trained a team of Health Planners to be highly knowledgeable, considerate and patient-oriented. Each of them is a tactful, always present and available, empathetic young professional.

Aware of the fact that Italy is a worldwide recognized excellence in Healthcare, we have developed our mission to focus on providing the best treatment and care to all patients. Through us they can have access to the treatment that is the only one known so far as standard and with long-lasting results.

Understanding the anxieties CRPS patients face daily and the difficulties that travelling to a new country may mean for them, we have developed a solid network of relationships and conventions with the best facilities to accommodate and treat the patients, tailoring their stay according to each individual’s needs.


You are not alone in the fight, and you are not the first patient we help; along several years of activity we have worked with many people who are in your same condition.

*we will book your Treatment within one month or less within confirmation, and you’ll get treated within 1 working day from your arrival.

Why Us?



Thanks to years of activity, we have built a strong network of services and facilities to meet any of your needs and give you a pleasant experience, even through hard times.


No more Waiting Lists

You already know CRPS/RSD, timing is a key factor. This is why we have managed to build fast-lane tracks for our assisted patients; you’ll get treated as soon as you arrive in Italy*.


More than you expect

Many have been suffering from CRPS/RSD for several years. For these people Neridronate is still the best choice, but we’ll give it a little boost: that’s why we offer a complete package with additional treatment, and a Follow Up Program that’ll help you even once back home!

Your Personal Health Planner

Not your average Health Planner; they really are “Personal”, as they focus on the best solution for each patient they are working with.

Their role is to design, coordinate and manage your medical records in a secure and private way. They will tailor the treatment plan in teamwork with the Doctors who will treat you and schedule your stay in Italy in all its details to make your experience as flawless as it could be.

They will take care of the administrative bureaucracy behind your admission to treatment, fast-tracking your eligibility process, and always be there for you and your CareTaker for support and help.

Our team

Emilie Rigaud

Emilie Rigaud

Personal Health Planner

Diego Gonzales

Diego Gonzales

Personal Health Planner

Federica Fontana

Federica Fontana

Personal Health Planner

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