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Our Services

Our services not only include Neridronate treatment or physiotherapy sessions but our Health Planners will be by your side and help you in everything. We know every patient has different needs and different ideas on how they want to live their experience in Italy. For this reason, we have decided to leave them the possibility of customizing their own package. Have a look at our services below!

Who can undergo the Neridronate treatment?

In order to be able to undergo the Neridronate Treatment, doctors need to first check your eligibility to be sure that you are a good candidate and that there are no underlying issues that could interfere with the therapy.

For eligibility, they need the following information:

  • Blood tests confirming good levels of Creatinine, Calcium and Vitamin D;
  • Good function of kidneys;
  • Hydration and a diet based on sodium.

    Every single patient and their case are thoroughly studied and analyzed in detail before proceeding with the Treatment, so that no issues could show up in the future.

    Personalized Packages

    The Health Planner is a highly specialized person on our CRPS team who will follow you and help with any request you may have. From the hotel booking to the transportation for the treatment, pick up and drop off at the airport and much more. And of course, they speak your language at the level of a native speaker.


    Neridronate Treatment

    The treatment consists of 4 Infusions of Neridronate, 100mg each on 4 different days.



    Driving will not be a burden, as your Health Planner knows the streets so well! Let us take care of driving you around.



    We will book the hotel for you: you just need to relax and feel at home and let us take care of everything.


    Light therapy

    Light Therapy is recommended because it increases the levels of Vitamin D as it reproduces the sunlight without UV rays.



    No more language barriers. Every Health Planner is bilingual and will take care of translating everything.


    No waiting list

    With CRPS Treatment Team you get the best Doctors and Treatments with no waiting lists.



    Coupled with the Neridronate Infusions, Rehabilitation is considered the best treatment for strengthening the muscles.


    Follow Up

    We will monitor your progresses and help you with the home rehab for the next 6 months after treatment.


    Travel insurance

    We always create a dedicated Travel Insurance for you; that’s why it is important to provide a Passport at early stages.

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