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Our Services

The creation of a tailor-made package around you, from the therapies to accommodation,
drivers, interpreters, and touristic tours.


Free video calls

The communication with your Patient Care Coordinator needs to be smooth and clear as water! Which is why we organize free video calls with all our patients.

Free evaluation

The first step of this treatment is understanding one’s eligibility for treatment. To do so, we have implemented an evaluation of the patient’s case, completely free of charge.

Translation of medical records

The initial medical records needed for the evaluation of your case will be translated by your Patient Care Coordinator for the Rheumatologist to understand your case perfectly.

Clinic bookings

MTI will take care of all the medical appointment bookings, from the specialist’s visits to the exams, going through the private rooms and nurses for your infusion sessions.

Accommodation booking

No need to worry about your stay! Our team have created collaborations with some of the best hotels of the regions and will take care of the accommodation booking for you.

Detailed program

A detailed program will be created hand in hand with your Patient Care Coordinator and the medical team, so that you always have a clear image of your treatment week.


Pharmaceutical Treatment

4 Infusion sessions, including Neridronate & Clodronate, as well as other pharmaceutical additions decided with the rheumatologist upon the first visit, will be undergone on 4 separate days.


A Rheumatology Professor will evaluate your case and monitor you during the treatment week. You will see him again at the end of the week for a final appointment.

Nutritional biologist

This professional will help you fight the inflammation from within with tests identifying deficiencies and metabolic imbalances. This will help create a specific anti-inflammatory diet tailored to you.

Health Coach

The Health Coach’s role is to identify muscle problems and weaknesses often connected to CRPS and to give a home/gym training education in order to regain strength and mobility.

Neuromuscular Re-education

This Physiotherapist will use osteo-articular and muscle manipulations for the treatment of joint contractures and blockages, in order to get your body back to its normal self.

Complementary therapies

Light therapy and Biophysical therapy will be provided directly at your hotel to help the body to start “repairing” the affected areas from within and relieve pain and inflammation.


Airport Pick-up & Drop-off

Your Patient Manager will be welcoming you at the airport with a sign with your name on it and bring you to your hotel. They will also take care of the drop-off on departure day.

Hotel and meals

Your hotel has been selected and arranged according to your needs and is in collaboration with MTI. The staff speaks English, and the meals will be included for patients and caregiver(s).


We know the way! Your Patient Manager will be taking care of driving you and your caregiver to from and to the clinic every day for your medical appointments.

Touristic tours

Our team knows every corner of every city! Your Patient Manager will be delighted to show you around, in your free time, and make you discover Italy in a unique and traditional way.

Mobility assistance

Our team is prepared for any mobility needs. Upon request, we will provide wheelchair and/or crutches during your trip and ensure to take your mobility into consideration during the hotel booking.



No fear of miscomprehension: all our Patient Managers are bilingual and will always be present during medical appointment, tests, and visits. Your own private interpreter!


Final medical report

The medical team you have seen in Italy for your treatment will join forces and create a final report according to the tests and appointments you had during your week.

Translation of final report

Hand in hand with the medical team, your Patient Care Coordinator will then be translating this final report and send it over to you in the weeks following your treatment travel.


In order to monitor your improvements over the next 6 months following your treatment, your Patient Care Coordinator will stay in touch with you via email or call to check on you.

A bridge between you and the doctors

Over the 6 months following your treatment, your Patient Care Coordinator will act as a bridge between you and the medical team who followed you in Italy, in case you have any questions for them.

An app to follow you, even back home

During your appointment with the Health Coach, you will be given the opportunity to get an app created by this professional and his team, in order to monitor your physical improvements.

Availability for connections

Our team always thrive to make new connections that can help any warrior in need. We give complete availability for potential connections between your physicians and ourselves.

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