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Bassano del Grappa
A small town amongst the foothills of the Alps, right under Monte Grappa. Along with being known as a beautiful and ancient city, it is very famous for Grappa, a traditional and well-known liquor. It was the scene of one of the biggest battles in World War I and was home to a huge anti-fascist resistance center during WWII.
Bassano isn’t only surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders; visitors can also indulge in the traditional gastronomic wonders as well. For example, try the delicious local delicacies only found in Bassano. Bigoli with sardine sauce with polenta is a local favourite. Shop local at one of their many family owned businesses that have been passed down through generations.
Monte Grappa is famous because of its caves, which were dug by Alpini, the Italian military unit specialized in mountain combat. Now these caves and trenches call in thousands of tourists every year. You will love touring this extraordinary city!

Places of Interest:
  • Ponte degli Alpini (or Ponte Vecchio)
  • Poli Museo della Grappa
  • Museo degli Alpini
  • Museo Hemingway e della Grande Guerra
  • Grotte di Oliero
  • Castello Superiore
  • Piazza Libertà
  • Monte Grappa
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