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The treatment for CRPS/RSD? Look in Italy

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As of the last few years, Italy has the only real cure to heal CRPS/RSD.
* Any other treatment available has the scope to reduce suffering, but only last temporarily, often with side effects that could be fatal.
* The treatment, recognized by the National European Health Authority, consists of 4 infusions of an hour each via intravenous of a drugl called Neridronate.
* Everyone can benefit from it - even patients who have had the disease for many years - at any stage of the disease. It has been verified that in 100% of cases there is a reduction in inflammation and a permanent remission of the pain that goes from 20% to 100%.
* Neridronate in Italy is the therapy of choice in the cure against CRPS and it is practiced by the National Health Service on a large scale.
* In the US, Neridronate is still in its experimentation phase and probably will not be available for at least 10 years.
* Neridronate is used as therapy for both CRPS Type I and CRPS Type II.
* The Neridronate is essentially free of side effects.
* Once the therapy is administered, in the period of 7 to 9 days, a solution of the symptoms will begin up to complete recovery in two months time.
* Currently, the US is undergoing trials in which only patients that have recently contracted the condition.
* During the trial, the patients will not know if they have been treated with Neridronate or with a placebo (sugar pill, or false drug) and, if they did receive Neridronate, the quantity administered is not the same administered in the Italian therapy.
* CRPS Treatment is tasked with rendering the treatment available for all US patients, gathering requests, making appointments, and handling logistics.
* The therapy is conducted in the Rheumatology department of the University Hospital of Verona, guided by Professor Rossini, successor of Professor Adami, both authors of the studio that verified the efficiency of Neridronate in the cure against CRPS/RSD.

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