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CRPS Treatment


The AIFA approved Therapy that brought 95% of Patients to remission, now available for international Patients


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CRPS Experts, working on your custom tailored Treatment.

In Italy, there is no CRPS / RSD Emergency; since Doctor Silvano Adami discovered, trialed and tested Neridronate for the Treatment of CRPS, it became the standard therapy plan. Italians don’t develop the condition, as it is immediately treated with Bisphosphonates. We are the Division helping International Patients to get to the Treatment, with a 100% Patient Centered Approach.

Side Effects

Contrary to most of the pain management treatment, which provide a band aid solution with plenty of side effects, Neridronate provides long term remission, with no Side Effects.


Compared to Private Practice for Cortison, Oppiates and Anesthetics infusions, Neridronate Treatment provides better results with less of the expenses throught the time.


You can find plenty of Clinical Data about the success rate of Neridronate for the treatment of CRPS; when the condition is treated within the first 4 years from onset, the Remission rate is close to 100%.

How does it work?

The process is streamlined, tested and working smoothly. On the Patient’s end, is as simple as booking a flight. 

Some of the Warriors we have Treated

Over the years we have served several warriors from New Zealand, Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Our Team of Patient Care Coordinator are trained professionals, and will always be by your side.

The Process

The process is simple on the Patient’s end. Having to deal on a daily basis with CRPS, you have enough on your shoulders. We take care of everything , from International Bureaucracy, Medical Records Translations, Organization of your Treatment plan in Italy, Transportation, Accomodation, Assistance and also 6 months of Followup!


When you get in touch, you’ll be followed for free by a Patient Care Coordinator. He will give you all the informations you might need during a live call or email conversations.



If you decide to proceed, we will translate and submit your Medical Records to our CRPS Specialists Team, who will accept your case in the event you are eligeable for the Treatment. 



Once we have booked your Treatment, we start planning your therapy plan according to your needs. From the Clinic to the Hotel, to the side therapies needed and eventually Tourism if you wanted.


Trip to Italy

You will choose your preferred airline and airport where to land; this way you have control over the trip’s expenses. We have found that Patients can obtain great savings on the trip with self organization.

Trip to Italy

Your Patient Care Coordinator will come and pick you up, escort you wherever you need to go, take care of all your needs, and bring you back to Airport when it’s time to go home.


The Treatment consists in 4 IV infusions of Neridronate, during which you will never be left alone, and your Patient Care Coordinator will do all the translations and bureaucracy.

Neridronate Scientific Research

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Italian Journal of Medicine

Neridronate confirmed at page 25 of the Italian Journal of Medicine with case study. Please feel free to download for free this issue of the Journal of Medicine where you can find official confirmation that the Neridronate therapy works, when administered correctly to the patent.

Neridronate Trial Success

Several Academic publications showing results that you can verify.

Academic Researches

Articles from publishers as Pulsus Group, the medical peer-review publisher, publishes the work of medical researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrityEndorsed by medical societies, Pulsus Group is an ardent supporter of international medical research, and publishes the following journals directed at a broad range of physician specialties

2019 AIFA approved Treatment

In our opinion, drug therapy should be preferred as early as possible, particularly in warm forms of CRPS to prevent significant functional limitation, psychological distress, and social and economic fallout.”

International Osteopororis Foundation's research

More official and Scientific evidence of the approval of Neridronate for CRPS/RSD.

More bibliography Resources

We have selected even more testimonials from qualified websites for you to read.

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