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CRPS TREATMENT is continuously researching applications that may help the search for a cure.

We have done some research on the latest technologies and we have verified that the constant application of light therapy bring a pain reduction. It is a NON INVASIVE procedure that takes some days for the body’s cellular structure to benefit from the rays and translate them in a positive response.

Now we have made this machine available to our clients, tested and approved by the National Health System.

  • Increases the local blood flow
  • Reduces the release of pain-stimulating chemicals (anti-inflammatory effect)
  • Induces the release of pain suppressors (known as endorphins)
  • With a direct action on the nerve fibers prevents the transmission of the pain pulses to the brain.
  • Helps to relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Acts on inflammation.
  • Being a NON INVASIVE procedure, it takes several days for the body's cellular structure to benefit from the rays and translates them into the response to the nervous system.

    It is documented that if practiced consistently you will feel great benefits in reducing pain.

    CRPS Treatment Italy has developed a new service that supports the regular Neridronate treatment for our CRPS patients.

    What is the service?

    Our qualified, English-speaking staff will come to patient's hotel and perform the treatment. Being a med-free treatment, it needs consistency and several applications per day.

    CRPS Treatment Italy has the staff, place and correct schedule to be performed during your stay in Italy:
    - Patient will be assisted by qualified and English-speaking staff;
    - CRPS Medical Staff will prepare the room and the equipment;
    - CRPS Medical Staff will be assisting patient at their hotel;
    - Light Treatment will be performed  every day for the whole stay in Italy;
    - Light Treatment will be divided in three sessions: Morning, Afternoon, Evening;
    - Each session will last approximately an hour.

    What is the Light treatment?
    Phototherapy (or heliotherapy) is almost as old as medicine itself: all the ancient populations included sun exposition in many therapies. However, it was only in 1903, when Nobel Prize winner Niels Fielsen studied the role of sunlight in treating conditions like Lupus Vulgaris or Smallpox lesions, that medicine officially started investing on it.
    More than a century has passed and, now, we are proud to present CRPS Light Treatment: this lamp uses a low intensity light (2.4 J) at different wavelengths covering the sun’s whole spectrum, except for UV rays.
    The treatment is not invasive at all and it consists in three ten minutes-long sitting per day, during the patient’s stay here. Our staff performs it in the hotel and all the patient needs to do is to rest the affected area under the light. It is proven that the linear polarized light stimulates and regenerate nerve receptors and synapses promoting cell activation.
    The benefits a patient can expect from CRPS Light Treatment are:
    - Reduction of inflammation
    - It reduces pain transmission
    - It relaxes nerves and muscles
    - Increase of micro-circulation
    - Accelerates healing, regenerating cells.
    We have noticed that, siding Neridronate, it has helped all of our clients who tried the treatment. The lamp was already regularly applied in Rheumatology, but we are the first to use it for CRPS Treatment. A vast number of medical specializations already utilizes it: from Neonatology to Rehabilitation, from General Surgery to Dermatology, all the way to treating Depression.
    Not only that! It is also FDA approved and a patient can purchase it and have it at his disposal even at home, in the USA!

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