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In this moving section, you will read about previous patients of ours, their experience with us, and the results of their treatment.

Terri Arnett

Patient's story

During the Treatment

Our lovely and sunny Terri came to Italy in December of 2022 to treat her CRPS. She had been dealing with this illness since 2017 at the time, and she considered it to be very painful and debilitating, not allowing her to use her right hand the way she ought to. Terri looked up online any new out-of-country treatment that could help her, since none of the ones she previously tried brought her relief, and she found us! Hear about her journey and experience with us in the video above.

After the treatment

After the 3 months and the 6 months mark since the treatment, Terri sent us two heartwarming videos to update us on her progress. After only 3 months, the pain in her hand had subsided to the point that she was able to do something she had not done in a very long time: play the piano! After 6 months, Terri confidently said that the pain and the symptoms were completely gone, leaving no more burning behind. We are beyond glad to share her happiness and success with you.

Kathryn Conant

Patient's story

During the Treatment

Meet Kaley Connant, a patient who came from California to Italy back in 2018, and who, at the time, was suffering from CRPS for 3.5 years. As you will see in the video, the affected area was her right shoulder and she had severe allodynia, to the point not even clothes could touch it. During the treatment week, she said that she felt her pain decrease and that the Physical Therapy sessions also played a big part in her recovery journey. Find out more about her in the video!

After the treatment

On the 1-year anniversary of her treatment, Kaley sent us a video to update us on her progress and we were beyond surprised to see the changes she was experiencing. After a year she was not only able to touch her arm and shoulder, but also wear regular clothes and a coat! Her range of motion has gone back to normal allowing her to move her arm as she pleased, matching the one, unaffected by the CRPS. Her biggest achievements, thought, was being able to work again!

Bradie Bourassa

Patient's story

During the Treatment

We are happy to introduce Bradie Bourassa, one of our youngest patients, who came from Canada to Italy back in 2020. Bradie at the time had CRPS for 3 years, and it mainly affected her right shoulder and both of her legs, not allowing her to walk for too long due to the pain. At such a young age, having to deal with an illness this debilitating is not easy. Bradie’s mom found us online and in no time, they were in Italy, undergoing the infusions! Hear all about her experience with us.

After the treatment

As the 1-year post-treatment day was approaching, Bradie scheduled a lovely video call with our Patient Care Coordinators to update them on her pain-free life! Bradie described how her pain went down gradually and how, as the days passed, she was able to walk better without any kind of help and using her arm with no issues. What made us even happier was to learn that Bradie started nursing school, following her dream of helping others. Find out more in the video!

More success stories

Patients' voices

Nicole F. came to us twice: in 2018 and in 2019.  Her CPRS started in her leg, and quickly spread to both her legs and arms; she was 21 years old at the time.Today, we wanted to let Nicole tell you her story :“I was diagnosed in 2015, between the medications, side effects, injections and doctors forgetting you’re human, I had all borderline given up on the idea of a happy full life.When I went to Italy for my first treatment, I had to use a wheelchair to get around. When I got home, I could use a cane more often and walk longer and begin to exercise more. Soon I didn’t need to use it as often and my flare ups were fewer and farther between.After my second round of treatment, I was finally able to start running again. Since then, I ran my first 10-mile race without stopping, got back into snowboarding, hiking and biking.
This program helped me get my life and sense of self back.

Bailey R. came to us in October 2019, one year after her CRPS onset date.  She was 21 at the time of the treatment, and her life was highly altered by the disease: it reached a point where Bailey was bed bound. In January 2020, we received the following message from her mom: “Bailey is doing amazingly wonderful! And is also going back to school! Before the treatment she couldn’t work or do anything!! Overall, this was an amazing blessing for my daughter!”In 2024, Denise and Bailey are still in touch with their Patient Manager, Emilie and confirms having seen 90% improvement after the treatment.Bailey now works as an Athletic Director with children with disabilities for a non-profit and is a full-time student in the Exercise Science Department – Sports Performance.
She is currently training for a Half Marathon and just participated in Spartan Race!

Emelia W.’s CRPS started in March 2022 in her left foot and progressed in her leg quickly. When she decided to come to Italy for the Neridronate infusions, putting any sort of weight on her leg was unbearable and she had to use a knee scooter or a wheelchair to go around. She was 24 years old at the time of her treatment, in January 2023. Along with the Neridronate infusions, she followed all 3 complementary therapies: the Light therapy, the Biophysical therapy, and the Rehabilitation therapy. In January 2024, Emelia writes: “Here are some pictures of me standing at my outdoor education job, I was very excited to be able to stand. Since our treatment I have started taking more steps here and there and I am able to bear my whole-body weight on my foot, and bend it at a 90-degree angle, which I could not do at all before the treatment.
I will be forever grateful for the medicine and the experience!”

What they have to say about their results

Patients' comments

What they thought of their experience

Patients' experience