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Elizabeth Roberts

Tuesday May 9, 2017
Our Case Manager Cosimo went to Verona in the afternoon to pick up Elizabeth Roberts & Daniel Lavarini. Elizabeth is the patient and she had to come on a wheelchair: she has had CRPS for about 5 years and she will be starting infusions tomorrow with Carole Zarkovacki.

Wednesday May 10, 2017
Our Case Manager Cosimo picked up Elizabeth for her first infusion and Carole Zarkovacki for the fourth and last infusion.

Friday May 12, 2017
Today our Case Manager Cosimo Bruzzo picked up Elizabeth and Daniel for the second infusion at the hospital in Peschiera del Garda.
After a short visit by Dr Daniela Righetti, the treatment started on time at 8 am and lasted 2 hours. At the end of the Treatment, Dr Righetti visited them again, giving them 2 boxes of Tylenol along with a paper stating the times in which to take the medication to manage any flu-like side effects. Once the treatment was over with, Cosimo took them back to the hotel. She also started using the Light treatment provided by CRPS treatment in an effort to reduce her pain.

Monday May 15, 2017
Our Case Manager Cosimo picked up Elizabeth and Daniel again this morning at the hotel at 7 am for the third infusion and, after a short visit by Dr Righetti, the treatment has started and all is well; her body is tolerating Neridronate perfectly.
Meanwhile our Case Manager Cosimo stayed by their side and, when the treatment was over, he took them back to the hotel. Our Case Manager Cosimo also accompanied them to the grocery store to get some snacks and drinks to take back to the hotel.

Wednesday May 17, 2017
Our Case Manager Cosimo picked up Elizabeth for the fourth and last infusion and, after a short visit by Dr Righetti, the treatment has started and all is well. The nurses and Dr Righetti initiated the infusion, which beginned at 8 o’clock and lasted for 2 hours. In the afternoon, at the hotel, he also recorded the testimonial about the experience and the cycle of Neridronate infusions in Italy, up until now.

Monday May 22, 2017
On May 22, our Case Manager Cosimo accompanied Daniel and Elizabeth to the airport. She said the Light treatment was relaxing and might have helped her, although she is not sure as she has very varying levels of pain during the day.
Meet Ms Roberts from Arizona, she has had CRPS on her left foot for 3 months before she found us, here is what she has to say!
Follow everything that happens, and all phases of patient care, from the beginning of their journey to the end.
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