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What are the services you offer?

Our services are all meant to assist our patients (and their caregiver) in order for them to have the best care while in Italy so that they only have to focus on the treatment and recovery.
These are our services:
  • 24/7 assistance during your whole stay, if you have any need please call us.
  • Emergency assistance;
  • Support and assistance in case of loss of Passport;
  • Support and assistance in case of loss of Luggage;
  • Support and assistance in case of missing the Plane;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Emergency Services.
Native speaker interpreter with specific knowledge of medical terms and drugs:
  • An English-speaking Interpreter will be always available;
  • Majority of Italians do not speak English, therefore a Bilingual Guide will be at patient service;
  • Very competent staff who will be with patient throughout the entire stay in Italy;
  • They will assist the patient during the whole process of treatment;
  • They will be available for any issue and need for information.
Hotel accommodation for patient and companion (if any) with meals included:
  • Hotel is very close to our offices and you can have access to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • Hotel Staff can speak English;
  • In case of emergency, Hotel Reception is instructed to call the ambulance and provide interpreting between paramedics and patient;
  • If needed, phone-calling service is available at the reception Desk.
Transportation (Airport to Hotel and vice versa, Hotel to Hospital and vice versa):
  • English-speaking driver will be ready at the airport exit room with wheelchair/crutches (if needed) and a board with patient's name on;
  • Same Driver will provide both pick-up service at airport and driving service at the moment of departure;
  • Patient will be assigned to one Driver and Interpreter who will take care to drive patient and caregiver to hospital and back to hotel;
  • Assistance will be provided in reaching local stores to buy anything one might need and do some shopping.
Assistance during treatment at the Clinic:
  • English-speaking Interpreter will be present throughout the whole time of infusions for each sessions;
  • Doctor will visit the patient assisted by nurses and Interpreter;
  • Doctor will prescribe medicine in case of side effects (see: "What is Neridronate?");
  • At the last infusion, final visit with the doctor and further instructions to follow for the treatment to be more effective;
  • Second opinion (if needed) by other specialists about your situation or other pathology;
  • Assistance on getting meds prescribed and purchased at the pharmacy.

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