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What are the side effects of Neridronate?

Scientifically, Neridronate has no side effects. It is an more stable compound than other bisphosphonates because it has five molecules rather than three.
Some minor side effects (possible low fever and arthralgia) affect approximately 30% of patients. The smaller the patient, typically, the stronger the reaction. However, it is not a persistent pain and it is easily managed by assuming acetaminophen.

It is not recommended in the case of documented hyper-sensibility and renal insufficiency and in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It is rare, but it could cause some redness that disappears within one hour after the first infusion.

If the patient suffers of rheumatism, Neridronate could cause some pain, but this will help rheumatism as well so, in the end, it will be even more beneficial to the patient.

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