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About The Treatment

Neridronate is the only really effective treatment, scientifically proved to improves your CRPS/RSD condition by 90%, and in most cases leading to Remission. We offer you not only the treatment but also a Personal Health Planner who will shadow you during the entire experience. Worry about nothing, not even translation or driving. We have gathered scientific information showing the efficacy of Neridronate. Check out what our past CRPS Patients said about us and Neridronate just a few lines below.

If you have a lot of pain this is the only place where to get the treatment. So you have to come.

Candice James

It's so important, It's the best thing I have ever done for myself

Carole Zarkovacki

Why us?

MTI is an organization that guides you to get access to the best treatments in Italy, including the CRPS standard Treatment, Neridronate. Thanks to the many years of experience, our team will be able to assist you in all your requests and knows how to deal with your condition better than anyone else.

We prefer offering international patients who are struggling with RSD the solution we have adopted in Italy since many years, instead of keeping them on heavy painkillers alone, with all the side effects they bring with them. When deciding to pursue your remission through Neridronate treatment, you’ll only have to worry about booking your flights. Our team will take care of all endeavors on your behalf and will assist you in all details. Each patient will have the Assistance of a Specialist Health Planner during the whole time period. 

Stop waiting and take action now: the earlier chronic diseases are treated the better the outcome. 

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