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once-in-a-lifetime treatment that does not need to be repeated.

97% success rate compared to other treatments

Neridronate treatment is the only one that has been approved by an authority, AIFA (the Italian FDA) and been used for the past 9 years in the treatment of CRPS.


Neridronate is a bisphosphonate, and it has been used for the past 9 years for the treatment of CRPS.

It is so far the only medication approved and authorized by an authority to be used for the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It consists of 4 IV infusions, one per day, that usually do not last more than 2 hours and a half each.

Neridronate acts directly on the root cause of the CRPS, both on the bones of the affected area and on the inflammatory cells around it. As the bone regains its strengths, the symptoms will slowly fade away by themselves, thus leading to a complete remission or a significant decrease of the pain.

Neridronate is a completely safe treatment option, more so since it is also used to treat CRPS in young children, with a lower dose that depends on their body weight. 1 week in Italy is really all you need to change your life.


One of the main benefits of Neridronate is that, unlike other kind of medications that patients are usually advised to try, it is patented as the one treatment for CRPS, thus offering real and proven results.

It is a once in a lifetime treatment that does not need to be repeated, which is what surprises patients the most, since they are used to treatments that last for a very long time and require constant repeating and higher doses.

Neridronate is a medication whose effect you can start to see even a couple of weeks after the treatment, the change is gradual, and patients are able to feel the symptoms and the pain disappearing as time passes.

The full effect can be seen after the 6 months mark, reason why our patient care coordinators stay in contact with patients for 6 months and more to be updated on their recovery journey.


Why is Neridronate so different from other kind of medications? Many of the patients who contact us mention that they have previously tried other medications and treatments that have not worked.

The main ones are Ketamine, Nerve Blocks, Spinal Cord Stimulators, and more. They are temporary solutions since they only ever focus on numbing the pain instead of treating the root issue that is causing it.

By doing so, as soon as the effect of the medication runs out, the pain comes back as if nothing has changed, and patients are back to step one all over again. Most of the times the body gets used to pain medications and the patients needs higher doses to keep numbing the pain.

Neridronate, on the contrary, is meant to treat the root cause of the CRPS, and by doing so, the pain and all the symptoms associated with it disappear as well. Unlike the rest of them, it’s a treatment done only once, and it does not need to be repeated in time.

It is also the only one so far that has been patented as the treatment for CRPS. 



% of Success


MTI, among their incredible list of services, also offers free video consultations with their Patient Care Coordinators to patients. We believe this is the best way to not only meet each other, but also to allow patients to share their specific stories and cases, and to ask any possible questions they might have on the treatment. It is free because we believe that all patients deserve to be heard, to be given the opportunity to talk about their struggles, and also learn that there is hope with us out there.


MTI and its team are designers of the highest treatment paths, but before anything else, they are a patient’s most loyal advocate. MTI’s purpose is not only to bring you the best possible treatment, but to also make your experience a dream-like one, something that you won’t ever be able to forget. With MTI you won’t ever feel alone. We offer a long list of services tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Some of the many services, but not all, include:

Direct contacts with doctors, based on the singular patient and their case;

6 months of follow up with patients to be updated on their recovery journey after the treatment;

Physical therapy sessions with highly trained therapists;

Booking of a Hotel accommodation with meals included for the patient and their caregivers;

Transportation throughout the patient’s stay in Italy for the treatment;

Tourism, because italy is beautiful and we do want you to experience the beauty of it as much as possible;


All you will ever have to worry about is getting on that plane!

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