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A multidisciplinary approach by CRPS-Treatment

The best outcome with our 360° CRPS-Treatment path


The pharmaceutical treatment


The specialist visits


The exams

The side therapies

In order to provide the best possible results, our CRPS-Treatment department has created a 360° approach designed to boost the Neridronate infusions and ensure the highest performance in terms of outcome.
Studied and put in place by MTI and the professionals affiliated to our health facility, in collaboration with the S.I.E.M.PRE (Italian Educational Society of Precision Medicine).

1. The pharmaceutical treatment

A sequence of infusions based on decades of research and experience in the field of CRPS treatment.

Neridronate infusions

Patented treatment against CRPS acting on the root cause of the illness, both on the bone of the affected area and the inflammation of the nerves around it. It makes the bone regain matter: bone grows stronger, healthier and less fragile. It also stops the unnatural production of lactic acid hence stops inflammation and the pain signaled by the nerves. The infusions interfere with the production of cells provoking inflammation to the damaged tissue.

Clodronate infusions

Acts on bone structure as prevention / treatment against bone demineralization and muscle atrophy. It also has an antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect that is particularly useful in the treatment of chronic pain. Boost the initial effects of Neridronate and contrast its possible side effects.

2. The specialist visits

Carefully selected specialists on top of their fields support the patient from all points of view and will provide a complete final report at the end of the week.

Rheumatology professor

Visits with the rheumatologist who evaluated the patient’s eligibility and will monitor them throughout the whole treatment.


Neuromuscular Re-education sessions in which osteo-articular and muscle manipulations will be effectuated for the treatment of joint contractures and blockages. Rehabilitative therapy is a full body work, which focuses on the patient’s general body state in order to help the affected limb to get back to its normal self.

Nutritional Biologist

A nutritionist specialized in the modulation of the Intestinal Microbiota as per precision and gender medicine. Through the reading of blood chemistry tests performed at the facility, the goal is to identify deficiencies and metabolic imbalances, which is fundamental for the proper functioning of our intestine and our immune system.

Health Coach

A professional figure who will perform physiological tests and calculate energy values and body composition through survey systems. The goal is to identify muscle problems, weaknesses and to give a home/gym training education.

3. The exams

A complete selection of exams necessary for the full comprehension of the patient’s case.

Full blood chemistry checkup

A comprehensive screening to highlight any significant enzymatic and metabolic deficiencies or imbalances.

DEXA scan

A scan used to measure the patient’s body composition and bone density.

BIA test

By detecting the electrical impedance or opposition to the flow of an electrical current through body tissues, total body water (TBW) can be estimated. This value is interpreted by a software that goes on to estimate lean mass (Free Fat Mass or FFM) and, taking weight into account, the level of fat mass (Fat Mass or FM).

Physical Tests

The Health Coach will do a series of physical tests in order to understand the patient’s current body state.

4. The side therapies

These 2 side therapies are designed to boost the whole protocol, directly from the patient’s hotel room:

Light therapy

To be used 30 minutes twice or thrice a day during the stay. The light helps the regeneration of peripheral nerves and prevents the development of neurogenic dystrophy. It also guarantees a deep penetration in the tissues, so that the immune system gets stimulated, and reduces inflammation, while stimulating circulation.

Biophysical therapy

Biophysical Therapy stimulates the body to start “repairing” the affected areas from within through electric waves and frequencies. It acts on the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, the immune system, and the circulatory system. You will be presented with different programs, helping long-term with your CRPS, as well as short-term with your pain levels.