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Neridronate infusions
for CRPS/RSD Treatment

What is Neridronate?

Neridronate is a drug from the family of Bisphosphonates. Discovered and studied by Dr. Silvano Adami in 2012, it was then patented in 2013 and finally approved as the official treatment against CRPS by AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency, in 2016.
Following the original study, the treatment course consists of 4 Neridronate infusions, 100mg each on 4 different days, and has shown long-term results as it treats the cause of the CRPS and not only the symptoms, without side effects.

The original study on Neridronate

Dr. Silvano Adami, along with his team of specialists of Verona University, studied CRPS for years and finally discovered a treatment that could help patients overcome it.
The original trial, based on different groups, used both the “randomized” and “double-blind” experiments, and showed incredible results: 40 days after the Neridronate infusions, 73.2% of the patients reached an almost complete disappearance of the pain. A year after the trial, none of the patients involved were referring to symptoms linked to CRPS. The conclusion of this trial provided conclusive evidence that, used at appropriate doses, this is the treatment of choice for CRPS.
Read the original study published on the Oxford Academy website here.

How does Neridronate work?

Neridronate acts on the root cause of the illness, both on the bone of the affected area and the inflammation of the nerves around it. It makes the bone regain matter: bone grows stronger and healthier and less fragile. It also stops the unnatural production of lactic acid hence stops inflammation and pain signaled by the nerves. The infusions interfere with the production of cells provoking inflammation to the damaged tissue.
The treatment blocks the unnatural proliferation of the inflammation causing the cycling mechanism of CRPS. The full effect of the medication can be seen after the 6 months mark since the infusions, but you will be able to see real changes even after a couple of weeks, with the symptoms getting better and better each day.
It is important to know: the sooner patients undergo the Neridronate Infusions, the higher are the chances and percentages of remission and pain decrease. However, patients suffering from CRPS for longer periods of time will still be able to appreciate life changing pain and symptoms reduction, and we have even seen amazing results in cases of over 20 years of the disease. Remember that each body functions and reacts in a different way.
Remember: Neridronate is at the center of it all, but it is our 360° treatment that makes the difference.