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Our Treatment

Our treatment, unlike others, has a multidisciplinary approach that allows you to obtain the best results over time. It has no side effects and it is certified. In fact, we always follow our patients not only in Neridronate infusions but we also accompany them to physiotherapy and light therapy sessions.

What is Neridronate

Neridronate, discovered by Dr. Silvano Adami, is the only drug that has shown long-term results as it treats the cause of the CRPS and not only the symptoms.

The other treatments, both bisphosphonates and opioids, did not bring significant results.
In Italy it was approved as a standard treatment for CRPS in 2016 and the program consists of 4 Neridronate infusions, 100mg each on 4 different days.

From our treated cases, 98% of the patients has achieved improvements in their situation. Some have even reached 100% relief from the pain.

Neridronate Studies

It was Dr. Silvano Adami along with his team of specialists of Verona University, who first studied CRPS and more in particular a treatment that could help patients overcome it. For years they have tried different solutions, until they were able to realize that Bisphosphonates, more precisely Neridronate, were able to show very positive results in patients. They have run trials on different groups, using both the “randomized” and “double-blind” experiments, and having incredible results; of the 82 patients who underwent the trial, all of them experienced a complete remission with lasting results and no need of further therapies.

Neridronate’s Benefits

Among the patients who have undergone the Neridronate Treatment, 40% of them have declared to reaching a complete remission; the 38% have declared to having a 40%-80% significant decrease of the pain (that has not come back in full force), the 20% have stated to having a 20%-40% significant decrease of the pain, (that also did not come back in full force) and the 0.2% have declared that they have not reached a complete remission. Time is really important when dealing with an illness like CRPS, the sooner patients undergo the Neridronate Infusions, the higher are the chances and percentages of remission and pain decrease. But it is important to remember that each body functions and reacts in a different way.



Neridronate is AIFA certified, which has established a standard for the treatment of CRPS in the best possible way.


Permanent Treatment

Unlike other treatments, Neridronate can be permanent and lasting in time by treating the cause.


Save you Time

Neridronate will not only save you money, it will also save you time in unsuccessful visits and treatments.


No side effects

As opposed to the other treatments that patients have tried, Neridronate does not have any lasting side effects



We know how expensive drugs and visits with different doctors can be, so our treatment is within everyone’s reach.


Primary Care

You will be visited by some of the best doctors and specialists in the field and with no waiting lists whatsoever.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Following the National Guidelines for the Treatment of CRPS, the path that brings the best results is a multidisciplinary approach that sides the pharmaceutical and the rehabilitation therapies. The drug that has shown the best results is Neridronate but it is always sided by a rehabilitation program. The goal of this program is to “train” the patient’s body to get back to its normal while the infusions start working. This is important to prevent the dystrophy to occur or get worse. We have included two sessions during which the patient is evaluated and followed by a physiotherapist and an osteopath specialized in the treatment of chronic pain. The two specialists will create a customized program for the patient to follow once back at home. 

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