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Our Services

For years now, CRPS-Treatment has worked in creating a network of carefully selected facilities with the aim of providing only the best assistance. Studying all the different needs that patients have when flying to a different country for treatment, we came out with a list of services thought to take care of every single details, so that you don’t have to.

Personalized packages

We know every patient has different needs and different ideas on how they want to live their experience in Italy. For this reason, we have decided to leave them the possibility of customizing their own package. Have a look at our services below!


You will be supported since the very landing: we will be there to pick you up and drop you off at selected airports.


Driving will not be a burden, as your Health Planner knows the streets so well! Let us take care of driving you around.

Documents Translation*

We will translate the medical paperwork for you in order to provide a crystal-clear communication.

No Waiting Lists*

With Medical Tourism Italy you get the best Doctors and Treatments with no waiting lists. For complex regional pain syndrome patients, this is a fundamental value.


We will monitor your progresses and help you with the home rehab for the 6 months following your treatment.


Italy is full of great wonders: discover its hidden gems and taste its delicacies with your Health Planner!

Priority Care*

You’re not last on our list: fast-tracking dates for the treatment and guiding you through the bureaucracy is our speciality.

Travel Insurance

We always create a dedicated Travel Insurance for our Patients; that’s why it is also important to always provide a Passport at early stages.


No language barriers: our professional Health Planners will have your back during your stay.


We will book the hotel for you: you just need to relax and feel at home, full board is included.


We will tailor your package according to your needs to make everything as easy as possible!

No Frills*

International bureaucracy can be difficult to deal with and may cause serious headaches. We have it all covered for you, with no Frills.

*These services are always guaranteed!

complex regional pain syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate?

In order to evaluate your case, the Doctors we work with need your medical records. More specifically, a letter written by your doctor with the diagnosis of your condition and details of your CRPS history. We would also need blood test results showing your levels of Creatinine, Calcium and Vitamin D.

What's the treatment success rate?

Neridronate has been proved to be the best shot for all patients suffering from RSD CRPS. The earliest the diagnosis and treatment, the better the outcome.

What is MTI taking care of for me?

Your Health Planner will take care of everything: booking your treatment, arranging your accommodation, picking you up and dropping you off at the airport. The language barrier won’t be an issue: your Health Planner will book your accommodation at an English-speaking Hotel and be your interpreter during your stay.

These are the summed-up points of which you’ll never need to worry about:

  • Treatment
  • Interpreting
  • Driving
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Side therapies
  • Booking and accessing to priority lane

Will my insurance cover the cost?

We are working on finding a convention with the Insurances Companies. Our previous patients have managed to pay upfront and ask for a refund to their insurance company.

Can I customize my services?

Our services are designed to provide the best and most supportive assistance for our patients. The Health Planner will be there to arrange your treatment dates and offer you the best communication environment.

You can decide to have your Health Planner arrange also your accommodation and drive you and your caregiver around.

Finally, the side therapies can be added to your treatment plan.

On side effects and pharmaceutical interactions

Most medicines do not have any contraindications for Neridronate. It is important, though, that you mention your drug allergies.

Possible reactions following the infusions can be light flu-like symptoms, headache, bone ache or tiredness. All symptoms can be managed with Tylenol or Advenil.

Should you have any doubt, you can always ask your Health Planner, who will double check for you.

Can children undergo the Neridronate infusions?

Yes, the infusions are suitable for children. The dosage is different and will be calculated according to the child’s weight. Our Patient Care Coordinators have the experience of dealing with pediatric cases, and children are always being followed with maximum care.

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