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About us
CRPS Treatment – company owned by Venitaly (Holding company)

Our Story       
The beginning
It was 2012 when we started our work in the medical field. We soon found out that Italy is reknown to have the best Healthcare System worldwide. And it is public: Italy in fact, recognizes health as a fundamental right of all individuals.
In particular, Cancer treatment, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Neurology are worldwide recognized as excellences.

In 2014 we met one of our first patient:
In summer 2014 we met one of our first patients. She came looking  for us as she was looking for treatment for a condition we had  never heard of at the time: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as CRPS, or RSD. She asked about the Neridronate infusions.

We met all the best specialists
We researched all the ins and outs of the condition: we discovered that Italy is the avant-garde  in treating the condition, having some of the best specialists that  have studied the syndrome for over 20 years and have finally come to a highly effective therapy: Neridronate infusions. We met all the doctors who treat the condition and started working with the few ones who are open to receive patients coming from abroad. We studied all medical literature on the matter.

The treatment got approved at the Italian HealthCare
We met Dr Adami , MD, Rheumatologist who had spent  over 20 years in researching on the effects of  bisphosphonates on CRPS  patients. In 2012, the treatment got approved by the Italian HealthCare, Dr Adami’s study was published in the international medical journal Rheumatology. The Nerisronate treatment became standard protocol for alla Italian CRPS patients. Eventually, 10.000 Italian patients got access to the treatment and put their CRPS on remission.

We received several foreign requests
In the months following our first patient, we received several information requests from people asking for guidance, some were patients, others were sons, daughters, parents who could not bear  to see their loved ones in constant suffering. We managed to create a service package customized for foreign patients suffering from CRPS to have them come to Italy, take care of them while here and let them safe in a country that is not their home.

We have invested everything
We invested several months of our time and much money in finding the specialists that were interested in treating  the patients.
We found the hospitals equipped and open to welcome foreign patients, we found the  best location for the patient’s accommodation in hotel, hired bilingual personnel that would drive the patients to the hospital and staying at their disposal as interpreter for the patient’s whole stay in Italy.

In June 2016 We Started Our Online Ad Campaign
By June 2016 we had figured almost everything out and started our online ad campaign, specifically for CRPS patients who were  searching for treatment that could  reduce their pain and drastically improve the quality of their lives.

Our Best Strength
Since then, dozens of patients have chosen CRPS Treatment to improve the quality of their life and help them get rid of most of the pain. The satisfaction of our patients and their testimonials are our best strength to prove how much hope and help this program has given to so many people!
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