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+1 335 736 3517
Office Italy
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About us
Chief of Medicine Venice Hospital
Dr. Domenico Biasi, MD
Rheumatologist at AOUI Hospital and Lecturer at University of Verona (pubblications)
Rheumatologist, Physiotherapist and Orthopedic at Clinic Cesenatico (FC)
Dr. Daniela Righetti, MD
Chief of Rheumatology at “Pederzoli” Clinic Verona
Surgeon at the University Hospital of Milan
Chief of “Polispecialistico” Clinic, Verona
Dott.ssa Monica Larenza
Case Management
Dott.ssa Sibilla Paccanaro
Marketing Manager
Dott. Gianpiero Miraglia
Marketing Manager
Dott. Claudio Paccanaro
Cosimo Bruzzo
World Relations Manager
Diego Alfredo Gonzales
Case Manager
Dott.ssa Federica Fontana
Case Manager
Anna Williams
USA - Relations
Davide Agostini
Case Manager
Nicola Schiavon
Software Development
Leannys Fernàndez
Latin America-Relations Manager
Anastasia Volkova
Russia - Relations
Tatiana Bradescu
Russia - Case Manager
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