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Creamy red turnip velouté

A colorful and tasty velouté, ideal to pamper yourself when it’s cold outside!



– 350 gr of red turnip

– 150 gr of potatoes

– 150 gr of red onions

– 40 gr of extra virgin olive oil

– 100 gr of goat cheese

– Salt & pepper

– 2 spoons of lemon juice




  1. Cut the potatoes and red turnip into small dices.
  2. In a pan, mix the oil, the chopped onions, the potatoes, salt and pepper, and brown everything for about 5 min.
  3. Add the red turnip to the mix and cover it all up with water. Let it cook for 15min, with a lid.
  4. Blend everything, adding 50 gr of goat cheese, until you reach the creamy texture of the velouté.
  5. Preparing the goat cheese sauce, which will be used as decoration: in a saucepan, mix the lemon juice, the other 50 gr of goat cheese, a spoon of extra virgin olive oil and salt. Add water if needed, to adjust the texture of the sauce.
  6. Serve the velouté in bowls, adding the goat cheese sauce on top, as decoration.



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