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CRPS Treatment

We understand that going to another country for treatment can be stressful. This is why we have started this company: helping you to organize your treatment week is only the first step in a much bigger picture. In our years of experience, we have learned the needs that international patients have when coming to Italy and designed our services to cover every aspect. We have been looking for the best hotels in the region and selected only the ones meeting all the qualifications required. Our main gratification is for the patient to feel at home, in family.

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CRPS can be a complicated condition to treat: many great doctors and many groups are involved in searching for the best therapy and care for the patient. Unfortunately, these wonderful people can only offer what they have available in their country. In a global community, however, patients can find many other options that, for any reason, might not be available in theirs.

We have created a wonderful team of Health Planners who will follow the patient step by step to support, advise and reassure. The same person will be driving the patient around, making sure there will be no language barrier at the hospital and organize sightseeing if the patient feels like it. Once the treatment is finished, the patient will not be abandoned: a 6 months follow up was put in place to monitor improvements and keep contact with all of our patients. To be the first and, for now, the only project in Italy providing all these services to CRPS patients is our biggest pride. Take a look at what we offer!


With Crps Treatment you will gain access to the best Doctors and treatments, with no waiting lists. For Complex Regional Pain Syndrome patients, this is a fundamental value, as time is an essential factor in the undergoing of the treatment. We made sure to create a great network of clinics so that we always have available slots for our patients.


Following the National Guidelines for the treatment of CRPS, we have searched and found professionals in treating Chronic Pain to put in place Rehabilitative Therapy. Two Sessions will be organized with CRPS specialists (Osteopath and Physiotherapist) who will then create a final report with a step-by-step exercise program for you to take home. Our Light Therapy Lamps will be available for the patient at the hotel: it will help by alleviating the pain and reducing the inflammation, improving the circulation, for a general feeling of relief.


We will book the hotel for you: you just need to relax and feel at home; full board is included. We have conventions with a large number of hotels, all close to the clinics and/or our headquarters. In case of any emergency, the reception staff is trained to call an ambulance and act as a translator between paramedics and the patient. You will be able to select the type of room you wish to have during your trip (twin beds, matrimonial bed, standard room, deluxe or Suite etc…).


We know driving can be scary in a foreign country. But do not worry: driving will not be a concern, as our Health Planners know the streets well and are all very qualified drivers. The same driver who picks you up from the airport will bring you from and to the hospital on every treatment day. If needed, he will also be available to drive you to local stores to buy necessities or just to show you around.


Your treatment town is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Venice, Verona, Padua, Vicenza, Bassano Del Grappa, and so many more places. Your Health Planner will drive you to the ones that you wish to see, during your assigned sightseeing days. They all have great knowledge of the Venetian Region and will be able to show you the hidden gems of Italy you wouldn’t have known of!


You will not be left alone since the very landing, all the way to your return flight. At your landing, one of our Health Planners will be there to pick you up, driving you straight to your hotel, where you will be able to rest until the beginning of your treatment week. At the check-out, you will find the Health Planner who will drive you back to the airport for your departure.


Your personal Health Planner will stay by your side during all your medical appointments. You will be accompanied by a bilingual member of our team, to make sure that everything is always clear, and for general support. The doctor will be able to prescribe medicines if needed, which we will help you to get from the pharmacy. If needed, we can provide a second opinion from other specialists during your treatment week.


No language barriers: our professional Health Planners will have your back during your stay. Our team of mother tongue interpreters / Health Planners are all experts in assisting patients suffering from Chronic Pain. They will be with you during all medical appointments, sightseeing days, and will help with your check-in and check-out at hotel as well.


We will translate the medical paperwork for you in order to provide a crystal-clear communication. Prior to your arrival, for the evaluation of your case. And after treatment, when you will receive the report from the doctor who visit you here in Italy, which will be translated in your language.


We provide 24/7 assistance during your trip in case of emergency. For example: assistance in case of loss of passport, luggage etc. We also offer support with general emergencies. You will be covered by a travel insurance we will provide you with.


Once your treatment is finished, we won’t be leaving you alone, in the dark. We will monitor your improvements and follow up on the home rehabilitation program for 6 months further to your treatment. If you have any questions you think are relevant and need to be asked to the doctor who followed you while in Italy, your Health Planner will be happy to act as a bridge and translate your query to the medical team. This is important because it is not common for Doctors in Italy to follow up in the ways we can.


Get in touch with one of our Patient Care Coordinators, who will explain everything step by step. You will start with the evaluation of your case, and, once the doctors have confirmed your eligibility, you will be able to create a personalized package, adapted to your needs, side by side with your Coordinator.

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