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Rsd Treatment

The official therapy mainly consists in four infusions of the Neridronate medication, which is proved to be the first choice for rsd treatment. Side therapies are also highly recommended: patients are likely to respond much better to the treatment when coupled with Light Therapy and Rehabilitation Sessions. We can provide in depth information about the scientific aspects of the treatment upon contact


Neridronate, or neridronic acid, is an amino-bisphosphonate (BP) used in Italy to treat several bone diseases, e.g. Paget’s disease of bone, osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Neridronate can be administrated intravenously, which means it is a valid option for those who cannot receive BPs orally. Neridronic acid was the first investigational medicine to be granted with the Breakthrough Therapy Designation for the rsd treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is still at a trial stage in the U.S., which led many CRPS patients to come to Italy to be treated.

In 2012, Dr. Adami – Full Professor at the University of Verona – and his team carried out a study on 82 patients suffering from CRPS-1 to investigate the use of Neridronate. It was clear that with the right doses – 100 mg i.v. Neridronate given four times – the results were astonishing: one year after the rsd treatment, all patients confirmed that all symptoms had drastically decreased. Bisphosphonates should thus be considered the first choice for rsd treatment.

The only side-effects of the treatment may be light flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever), dizziness and a decrease of calcium/ vitamin D levels in the blood. Neridronate infusions are painless, not invasive, results are long-lasting and, unlike other rsd treatments, they alleviate all symptoms instead of only bandaging the pain.

rsd treatment

The Treatment is not painful nor stressful.

rsd treatment

One of our American Patients during the Treatment.

rsd treatment

Highly specialized Therapists for Phisiotherapy.

rsd treatment

Light Therapy to complete the healing cycle.

rsd treatment

Rest, Rehab & Recovery for optimal results.

Light Therapy

BIOPTRON Light Therapy is a medical and therapeutic technology that aims at accelerating healing and offering pain relief. Light Therapy was well-known in ancient times already, when the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Arabs used sunlight to heal wounds. It was then called heliotherapy and it has been used for centuries for its medical properties.

The BIOPTRON device emits polarised low-energy light: it is similar to sunlight, but without UV rays, which may have negative effects on our health. Light Therapy can be used as monotherapy or as support therapy. In fact, CRPS patients already undergoing treatment have greatly benefited from the Light properties, as it reduces inflammation and pain transmission, it relaxes nerves and muscles, it increases micro-circulation and accelerates healing and cell regeneration

It is available in three sizes better to adjust to your needs and it is easy to use. The treatment needs five applications per day for at least ten consecutive days to be effective, but the first results will be seen after four days already!


Success Rate

rsd treatment
rsd treatment

Rehab – Rsd Treatment

The most important ally of the Neridronate infusions is certainly rehabilitation therapy – or physiotherapy: it helps treating chronic pain conditions and many other injuries providing not only a physical examination, but also the patient physical education. Thereby the patient can improve his/her physical functions and regain trust in his/her body.

On doctor’s recommendation, we have coupled the infusions with two sessions with a Massage-physiotherapist and an Osteopath, specialized in chronic pain conditions. After these two sessions, the specialists will create a customized program for you to continue home. The rehabilitation program is a very important part of your treatment as it helps your muscles regain the lost strength due to the CRPS.


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