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Stay in Vicenza, only an hour away from Venice and Verona! Surrounded by UNESCO sites, you can visit some of the world’s most valued and renowned historical, architectural, and archeological places to visit! The shopping isn’t too shabby, either!
Italy is one of the countries with more history and beauties in the world so, if you come all the way here, might as well go for some sightseeing!
In Vicenza, you will admire famous architect Andrea Palladio’s architectural jewels; you will be able to take in all of the history and art. You will be sorrounded by the pleasing Berici Hills and the majestic Alps.
All of this, along with close proximity to other World Heritage Sites (such as Verona and Venice) are just within an hour drive from the hotel!
While you are doing that, why not taste the best wines in the world and one of the most traditional and exquisite cuisine?
This is Veneto, Italy!

Vicenza is a pretty and small town between the Berici Hills and the Alps. The first traces of human settlement go back to 600 years B.C.

Andrea Palladio is one of the most famous architects in history and in Vicenza you can find some of his most important buildings, like the Teatro Olimpico or la Rotonda Villa. These  inspired the design of many internationally recognized and important buildings, among such is the White House.

Along with the artistic beauties, Vicenza also offers top quality traditional food and incredible landscapes like the one you can admire in Monte Berico.

Do you feel distant from home? Vicenza is one of the cities with more American citizens in Europe, thanks to the military Base Caserma Ederle, home of the glorious 173rd Airborne Brigade!

Places of Interest:
  • Piazza dei Signori
  • Basilica Palladiana
  • Palazzo Thiene
  • Duomo
  • Palazzo Chiericati
  • Teatro Olimpico
  • Monte Berico

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