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Who we are

We are a team who has dedicated years to the study of Rheumatological illnesses, with our main focus being CRPS. We have been active for 6 years now, analyzing more than 3.000 cases of CRPS patients and helping just as many with our Treatment. Having the pleasure to work in this field allows us to be constantly updated on any new studies that could improve our approach to the illness, new ways to improve our Treatment and make us even more trustworthy and responsive to the patients who contact us asking for help. We work closely with CRPS specialized doctors, more in particular with Rheumatologists from Verona University, one of the most important Universities and research institutes in Italy with an equally important Hospital in one of its branches, that focuses on all types of innovative studies that are helping the Italian medicine improve itself. Being able to rely on such a competent team of doctors has been one of our biggest strengths, not only were they the first ones who studied CRPS and its Treatment, but they were also the first ones to patent it, all thanks to their dedication and hard work. Thanks to our resources, we are able to give patients comfort and stability in their fight against this cruel illness.

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