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CRPS Treatment with Neridronate

Why treating CRPS in Italy might change your life

100+ testimonials

Watch some of our patients’ CRPS treatment and remission stories

Government Approved

Neridronate is the only government approved treatment against CRPS

360° Treatment

A multidisciplinary approach for the best chances for recovery


A long-lasting results treatment, cheaper and secure than other temporary experimental options

Research-backed therapy

For more than 8 years now, the treatment of choice for CRPS patients. Read the research paper

No Waiting Lines

Once the required medical records are gathered, we organize your treatment week within a month

How does it work?

Video call

This is our first meeting, it is of course completely free of charge. We will use it to get to know you and understand your case better.

Evaluation process

We will inform you of the medical records needed for the evaluation of your case.
Once the doctor confirms your eligibility , we can start organizing your treatment week.

Treatment week

Together, we will create a treatment plan completely adapted to you, and include all the services you wish to have access to while in Italy for your treatment week.

Follow up

For the 6 months following your treatment week with us in Italy, you will have a follow-up with your Patient Care Coordinator.