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Percentage of Remission

The original study that made these infusions the treatment of choice in Italy can be found in English in The Oxford Journal of Rheumatology. This study was a double blind and clearly shown that 100% of the patients went into remission and experienced no return of the symptoms. Now the situation has changed: of course in the trial phase the conditions had to be ideal (for example, CRPS had to come from a fracture, for not more than 4 months etc..) but, after the approval, patients were treated even when dealing with this conditions for several years showing promising results.
less than 1 Year – up to 100% Remission
2 to 5 Years – up to 80% Remission
more than 5 Years – from 60% to 30% Remission

Efficacy of Neridronate

In 65% of cases Neridronate has lead to complete or almost complete remission, 15% of cases had less than 50%, the remaining 20% testified a substantial improvement of their quality of life. Now, there are 3 different stages in CRPS and Neridronate has shown to be useful in all of them:
  1. Stage 1, it is the initial stage and, ideally, it is the moment to treat this condition with Neridronate in which the patient can expect the best outcome. The limb’s movement is reduced but still possible. Physiotherapy is here strongly suggested.
  2. Stage 2, the pain might decrease but the stiffness is harder to handle, the skin is usually cold and dry. In this case it is vital to side the infusions with a rehab program as the patient needs to work on the whole body rather than the sole affected limb.
  3. Stage 3, Neridronate in this case stabilizes the situation and prevents the occurrence of Osteoporosis, physiotherapy is not suggested at this point but occupational therapy, along with a psychological support will help a lot.

best clinics

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CRPS treatment rehabilitation best clinics by Medical Tourism Italy

Why Neridronate Works?

The pharmaceutical protocol requires 4 (some times one or two more, it is for the doctor to assess during the visit prior the treatment) infusions of a couple of hours each: 100mg Neridronate in 250ml of saline every day or every other day.
At this moment, Neridronate is the only drug directly linked to a remission from all the symptoms of CRPS. Algodystrophy (which is how CRPS is known in Italy) usually occurs because of some sort of trauma like fractures, surgeries, broken bones as well as sprained limbs or distortions. It really is unclear how the condition develops and what it is caused by, although we know a lot about its phases and evolution. What we do know is that there must be some sort of nerve damage in the area and it is very often linked to the use of a cast or other type of immobilization. The nerves in the affected area don’t detect any type of healing and continuously fight the “injury” in the only way they know: an inflammatory reaction. What we can say for sure is that the drug normalizes the bone cell cycle, finally calming the inflammatory reaction and stabilizing the situation, it is suggested for both CRPS type 1 and 2 because it prevents or heals the osteoporosis often linked to the condition. At this point the patient is finally able to pursue a rehabilitation program that will give back a functional lifestyle, not depending on pain medicines anymore. Doctors in Italy think that CRPS statistically spreads the most when it affects a lower limb: the spreading, in their opinion, could happen because of pain management drugs that act on the nervous system and might cause this effect or, as it often happens, the patient is affected by some other neurological condition along with CRPS (when it is not a case of misdiagnosis). In Italy the treatment for CRPS consists in an initial dose of steroids to keep the inflammatory reaction under control and proceed with the diagnosis (following the Budapest Criteria), once the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient undergoes the Neridronate infusions and follows up with rehabilitation sessions. This path is described in the National Guidelines for the Treatment of Algodystrophy and it is followed by 93% of the doctors in Italy. There is a huge literature around this option and a study conducted in 2016 states on its conclusion “The lack of knowledge of validated diagnostic criteria proposed in literature can lead to possible errors or delay in the diagnosis of algodystrophy. In accordance with the recommendations from the most recent studies bisphosphonates represent the first-choice drugs”.
Italian Healthcare is mainly public and universal so, when this option was adopted, it was adopted and accepted by all the doctors in the country. There is no standard management path for CRPS, as it is a complex syndrome regarding pain, which is a very personal sensation. The pharmaceutical choice always is Neridronate, yes, but it is up to the doctor to decide if it is worth siding it with some pain management treatment: this is important to understand because basically no drug will work against the infusions of Neridronate. The rehabilitation program, that needs to side the pharmaceutical part of the treatment, is always customized because it needs to be adapted on the patient.

Who We Are

We are a quality-driven company that facilitate access to the Italian Healthcare System for International CRPS patients, providing logistic, translating, touristic and all the not strictly medical facets of your treatment.  We are in contact with the best clinics and the best chronic pain specialists. We have been working in the CRPS world for already 5 years and have helped treat over 200 patients. We have received more than 3.000 request of information on the Neridronate Treatment, to this day. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?

No! There are no long-term side effects. The only side effects ever reported from patients were some light flu-like symptoms such as fever, shivering, bone and/or muscle pain and general tiredness.  Those short-term side effects are manageable with some light pain medicine that will be provided to you at the hospital.

Is this a cure?

Unfortunately, to this day, there is no cure for CRPS. Neridronate is however the only treatment to ever be linked to a total remission of the disease. The FDA has recognized and approved bisphosphonates as a breakthrough therapy for chronic pain. It is the first pharmaceutical to have this designation for this condition.

Does the insurance cover it?

The Italian HealthCare is very different from any other, which means the bureaucracy works in a different way. In order to be sure you have the correct information, we would suggest you to check with your insurance company.

The rehabilitative therapy you advise, is it important?

Yes! The Italian Guidelines of CRPS Treatment have demonstrated that the most efficient treatment path against CRPS is a multidisciplinary approach, siding the Neridronate Infusions with Rehabilitative therapy. While fighting against the disease, your muscles need to regain their past strength: sessions with a Massage-physiotherapist and an Osteopath specialized in chronic pain conditions are strongly recommended. After these two sessions, you will be able to continue the therapy back home with a customized exercise program that will be created around your specific case.

How does it work?

Neridronate makes the bone regain matter: bone grows stronger and healthier and less fragile. It also stops the unnatural production of lactic acid hence stops inflammation and pain signaled by the nerves. The infusions interfere with the production of cells provoking inflammation to the damaged tissue. The treatment blocks the unnatural proliferation of the inflammation causing the cycling mechanism of CRPS. 

What is Neridronate?

Neridronate is a Bisphosphonate, which is a class of drugs that prevent the loss of bone density, used to treat osteoporosis and similar diseases. Patented specially for the treatment of CRPS.

Does it really work?

The Neridronate infusions have been standard treatment in Italy since 2013. It has been the treatment of choice that follows the country’s guidelines of CRPS treatment since the very first studies were done by Dr. Silvano Adami, who developed Neridronate. Since then, the results have been remarkable. If it is being administrated within the first 6 months into the disease, the chances are the patient would get a pain and symptoms reduction from 90% up to a total remission. The treatment has shown great results in cases that were much longer than 6 months too. Depending on how long the patient has been battling for and the particularity of his CRPS, the reduction in symptoms can go from 30% to 100%, which is in all cases, life changing for CRPS warriors.

Are there any studies available?

Yes, there is a lot of scientific data on this treatment. The original study done in 2012 can be found here -ARTICLE ORIGINAL STUDY.

Is this treatment available elsewhere?

Currently, Italy is the only country providing Neridronate Infusions for the treatment of CRPS.
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