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Success Cases

In this pages we have included some of our success cases. Fell free to watch all the videos that we have on our YouTube channel.

Percentage of the Neridronate Treatment

Among the patients who have undergone the Neridronate Treatment, 40% of them have declared to reaching a complete remission; the 38% have declared to having a 40%-80% significant decrease of the pain (that has not come back in full force), the 20% have stated to having a 20%-40% significant decrease of the pain, (that also did not come back in full force) and the 0.2% have declared that they have not reached a complete remission. Time is really important when dealing with an illness like CRPS, the sooner patients undergo the Neridronate Infusions, the higher are the chances and percentages of remission and pain decrease. But it is important to remember that each body functions and reacts in a different way.

Carole Zarkovacki

Her story – before the Treatment

Carole Zarkovacki’s journey with CRPS started in 2016 when she injured her left wrist, leading to her not being able to move it or use it for everyday tasks, because even when slightly touching it the pain was unbearable. That is how she first contacted us back in 2017, letting us know about her case and asking us for help.
Carole flew to Italy to undergo the Neridronate IV Infusions, and as stated by her, they went wonderfully well with no side effects or issues. Coupled with the infusions, Carole also had 2 sessions of physical therapy with our Physiotherapist and Osteopath, who prepared exercises for her to do once she returned home.

After the treatment

When a patient returns home, our Health Planners follows-up each case for 6 months in order to keep track of any improvements. We were so happy to hear from Carole that not only was the pain completely gone, but she could also use her arm to the fullest, something she has not done in years since the CRPS first appeared. It is so heartwarming hearing and seeing patients getting their life back thanks to this treatment.

Kathryn Conant

Rochelle Finlayson

Judy Lamoreaux

Sandy McDonald

Before the Treatment

Sandy McDonald first developed CRPS in 2017 after an ankle surgery that did not heal properly, with the CRPS affecting both of her feet, in particular, the bottom of them. They were too sensitive for her to even put socks on, much less walk. And that is how we first met her, Sandy came to us on the 27th of September 2020 in a wheelchair with her husband Jack. She could not walk much, only a couple of steps or very short distances, otherwise, the pain would have been too much.

After the Treatment

Sandy underwent the 4 infusions of Neridronate with no lasting side effects, only bone ache for a couple of days which is completely normal considering the Neridronate mainly acts on the bones. Sandy was feeling really positive about her recovery, even more, when she had the physiotherapy sessions with our physical therapist and osteopath who created an exercise tailored to her needs. We have been in contact with Sandy ever since she came back home and we were so happy to hear that she no longer needs the wheelchair and can do walking exercises with no problems! she was so happy to be able to get under the blankets without her feet burning.

Bradie Bourassa

Brent Swanson

Macie Simple

Henry Bain

Bryn Mallard

Janette Herron